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Death's Door - Isometric action-adventure from the makers of Titan Souls - Xbox/PC/Switch/PS4 - GOTY 2021!

Jamie John

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3 hours ago, Vemsie said:

Looks so cool.


That looks excellent. Zelda mixed with Hades and Returnal. One week to go! I'm going to have to put some other games aside to play it. I've added this trailer to the OP.


Does anyone know if you can pre-load it yet on Game Pass?


Edit: To answer my own question, yes, you can. Downloading now.


Edit 2: Game isn't on Game Pass, but you can still pre-load it.

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Gah, I've going to have to wait until August to play this as I'm sticking to my one game per month rule and I've already pre-ordered Zelda for Friday 😵. I'd convinced myself somehow that it was coming to Game Pass and that I therefore wouldn't have to pay for it.


Oh well. Hope the reviews are good.

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18 minutes ago, HarryBizzle said:

As in Skyward Sword? You’re having that over this?!


Got it for about £35 on a eBay preorder deal and couldn't resist! Can't say no to Zelda. This can be my August game, I reckon 😎

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24 minutes ago, shirubagan said:

Just pre-ordered this. This was a stand-out for me during E3, so have kept an eye on it. Previews and early reviews have all been extremely positive and I can't wait to give it a go.

Yup, me too - got it on the pre-order discount and used a £5 reward token that expires at the end of the month, so less than a tenner in the end. Hope it's good! No reviews yet.

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Played half an hour so far and enjoying it. Hard to say what it reminds me of. Titan Souls, unsurprisingly. I'm not really getting many Zelda vibes from it.


Am I right in thinking there's no rumble at all? Maybe it's me having just come from playing Returnal, but the lack of haptic feedback feels off, somehow. A little judder when you land a blow would add a bit more oomph.

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