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E3 2021 - Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase - EXTENDED SHOW NOW LIVE

Boozy The Clown

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5 minutes ago, dave7g said:

You better be showing me some Elder Scrolls footage. I'll accept a pre alpha screenshot of a possible font they might be considering.

I don’t think we’ll get a sniff of it, not even the faintest whiff, it will all be about Starfield for Bethesda Game Studios with focus on the fantasy side of things afforded to Avowed.

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20 hours ago, CarloOos said:

Well if Crytek are on their arse and on the verge of going bust, which seems to be the case, then why not grab them on the cheap for the licenses and tech? They already have prior form as a MS second party dev.


Possibly. It still strikes as a slightly odd acquisition but we know companies are looking to spend money right now so maybe MS would take a punt on them if they got a chance. 

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Since the jokes can't get any worse. Here's an hour of off the wall predictions from the twatters and tubers. 



I know I stated I wasn't going to give the leaks and rumours any shine but some of these predictions are sky high and kinda lolsome. 


Kyle Bosman is up first 6 minutes in. 


E.g - IKEA acquisition so Phil can have all the shelves.

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I wasn't sure what to expect from Sable, turns out it's very Breath of the Wild. Lots of climbing, a stamina meter, a glider, you can place waypoints on distant interesting looking things etc. It's pretty rough around the edges when you get to climb things so hopefully that's been polished a bit by the time it releases. 


I think I liked it? It's very slow, I actually stopped the demo after about half an hour because I realised I didn't really want to repeat all this tutorial stuff when it releases on Gamepass. 

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