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Macross. Why music?


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I don't know much about the plot of the various incarnations of Macross but I do have a soft spot for some of the songs. Could someone explain why you take a bunch of singers into the middle of a battle? Is it space magic to make them fight harder?


I know in Macross Delta it is infact literal space magic




But in Macross Frontier they're having a concert when the city is under attack



That Frontier clip gives me goosebumps whenever I watch it.

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the baddies like opera, so you fuck with them by blasting out a bunch of jpop.

its less hyping up your own team, and more screwing with the enemy.

plus its awesome.

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Pretty much, Idols/singers have been at the forefront of Macross since SDF in 1982. I mean, a song literally halts conflict between the humans and zentraedi in DYRL. Even in , Macross Plus, music plasy a rather large role in the story. Sharon Apple's music is literally hypnotizing people, and Myung experiences a successful singing career vicariously through Sharon. And Sharon was indeed weaponized, after Marj installed the chip that made her go berserk.

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In the original Macross music was a used to induce massive culture shock into the enemy who were a race of cloned soldiers who knew nothing but warfare. 

When they heard music for the first time it overwhelmed their senses. 

it then got expanded on from that for subsequent series, to various degrees, but it isn’t Macross without transforming fighters and idol singers.


Anyway be careful or cacophonous will turn up and tell everyone they are wrong. 

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