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Super Mario Bros. (The Movie) Extended Rough Cut


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Extra footage unearthed from Bob Hoskin's greatest film (before he starred as Tintin, of course).




More about it here:





Beyond a number of extended scenes that make up the new 20 minutes of footage that was previously unreleased, there are also some new scenes--including one in particular that reframes two characters in the film. "Iggy and Spike rap! They do a whole rap, which Fisher Stevens and Richard Edson wrote, about how they want to overthrow King Koopa," Gilchrist said. "It's stupid, and it's great. They turn from these unthinking comic relief henchmen into anti-fascists in a couple of scenes. And then they rap about it. Iggy and Spike are introduced as very broad comic characters, which doesn't always work. But there's a lot more of them in this cut and you get to understand them a lot more. They grow and change as characters and I liked them a lot more than I thought I would."



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40 minutes ago, Garibaldi said:

Sad to see such restoration effort being expended on a colossal turkey like this. 


Garrett Gilchrist did The Thief and the Cobbler's Recobbled Cut; after that, I think he's earned the right to work on whatever fan restorations he wants.

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38 minutes ago, Nick R said:


Garrett Gilchrist did The Thief and the Cobbler's Recobbled Cut; after that, I think he's earned the right to work on whatever fan restorations he wants.

If it makes him feel fulfilled then I’m all for it. That and me not being able to fathom why he would do it are not mutually exclusive, however. 

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I agree with @Lorfarius


I genuinely do not get the hatred this film receives, and I resent it. I never watched it back in the day and only saw it for the for time a couple months ago, because from the day it released it got nothing by hate from everyone, and I thought: well, it must be the worst film ever.


Well, I love it.


I don't mean I love it ironically.


I don't mean I love it because I get drunk and riff on it.


I don't mean I think it's tolerable, but want to be contrarian so claim I love it.


I mean: I love it sincerely. It's a wonderfully coherent film, and I have always enjoyed seeing strange new reinterpretations of things I enjoy. So the Street Fighter Movie, the Judge Dredd movie with Stallone, a lot of weird film licenses like Jaws and Friday the 13th, or Alien 3 on Game Boy. It's a means of experiencing a known property it in an unusual way.


I dislike the current trend of being canon at the cost of everything else. You watch or play something, and people are like: yeah, this is identical to what I have already experienced, win!


That's boring. Do something different. Use the transition between media as a means of seeing something from a different angle. If you just want to eat the exact same slice of cake over and over again, then you're dull. Just watch the original film, or play the original game, why do you need an identical canonical replica?


Here's a modified version of my Letterboxd review:


I avoided this back in the day due to bad reviews, and only now in 2021 did I watch it. And you know what? I loved it.


Everyone complains the film is confusing, when actually it's very coherent. The plot is easy to follow and makes sense. Just watch Rick & Morty to get a handle on multiple universes.


The brotherly love between the bros feels authentic - maybe the result of the actors bonding over how difficult the shoot was?


Also the female characters all have agency to them. Princess Daisy is the heroine of the film; the villainess Lena, played by Fiona Shaw, is also an agent of change. Maybe it's just that I've got a crush on both of them: one the sweet caring nurturer, the other a latex clad provocateur in spiked heels.


The visual effects are great, with tastefully executed CG and lots of practical effects, and above all (again) - the story made sense!


On a deeper level it's a criticism of populism and fascist governments, depicting a downtrodden and oppressed society. The film is more relevant today than ever before.


Finally, I love seeing cross-media adaptations of my favourite source material, reimagined through entirely different eyes.


I regret listening to the critics back in the day - this is the perfect game to movie adaptation.


I just want to say it again, the film had a very clear and coherent narrative structure: clearly defined villains, heroes, problems, solutions, and outcome.


Compare that to say, the first Mission Impossible film, where despite watching it multiple times, and even watching YouTube videos that try to explain the plot, I have zero fucking clue what that trainwreck of a film is even about. It's like video salad. It looks nice, but it's a jumble of incoherent bullshit.


Super Mario Bros? Clean, on-point, main story with sub-stories, pathos, romance, family, good versus evil, the triumphant rise of the prole over his despotic masters; frankly it's amazing they were able to edit it into such a well told story given the difficulties of the shoot.


I look forward to someday enjoying the fuller, longer, super director's cut.


The film is magnificent.



I am not the only one to think so!



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