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Nintendo Switch OLED - who needs 4k, dat screen


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Ah, that's a shame. Would have been all over a slightly more powerful Switch that's able to run games like Bowser's Fury and Age of Calamity well without the framerate tanking. But as someone who only uses the Switched docked and never as a handheld, for me that OLED screen is the most useless upgrade ever :lol:


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I'm not angry, just think it's such a spectacular waste of an opportunity. 


I've got money just waiting for the time Nintendo announce a new version that'll run BotW (and its sequel) at 60fps (god's own frame rate).


An oled screen for the handheld part is not necessary - I've always thought the current screen does the job perfectly well.

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Looks nice enough. The screen should be lovely, and that new stand is a massive improvement over the flimsy thing they're using on the original model. A built in ethernet port is nice, but using a dongle is hardly the end of the world.


My Switch spends 99% of its time in the dock though, so upgrading would be a bit pointless without any upgraded internals.

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