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Euro 2020 - Congrats Italy

disperse and recoagulate

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Just adding my disgust at the broadcast decisions. Utterly fucking disgraceful. As said, the BBC had it in their hands to go back to the studio as soon as it became apparent this was a very serious situation. They didn’t. Think I counted at least four times the cameras cut back to resuscitative efforts. And then showing his wife at the side of the pitch? Fuck off.


Really hoping the guy is okay. Lost a friend in these circumstances and each time this happens I inevitably remember that. Hoping as much as I can that Eriksen’s outcome is better.

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4 minutes ago, spork said:

Sounds like he’s conscious and sitting up.


edit: according to a (now deleted) photo on Reddit


What?! Is he or isn't he? This is really important please clarify. Spork PLEASE clarify. 

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He's conscious! Thank god. I'm actually welling up here.


I'd like to echo the disgust at the BBC's decision to air some of what they did there. The pictures of eriksen receiving CPR and then showing (the woman I presume is) his wife in distress were both grotesque invasions of privacy. Absolutely fucking disgusting that the editors there, or whoever it was, decided to show them. Appalling.

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5 minutes ago, Simmy said:

Is he fine or is he not? Guys, cut the fucking bullshit sorry - if you know, make a statement.


Is he OK or not? 

Not sure what you are saying sorry for, but if you are implying that I am bullshitting, then go fuck yourself.


I have a close friend who is a journalist, mentioned many times. The picture was from him so was 100% sure it was genuine. As it turned out to be. 

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