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Euro 2020 - Congrats Italy

disperse and recoagulate

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1 minute ago, Simmy said:

What do you want to achieve with this?


Your team is so unlikeable it's just... What?! :lol:

I think it’s more that “other home nations fans don’t like England” isn’t news.

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Just now, Ork1927 said:

It's late in the tournament to shout it, but stop showing people in the crowd after every single thing that happens.


By Qatar, I bet they'll be miked up like X Factor auditions.


I'm hoping it's the current novelty of there being a crowd causing it and not something we're stuck with.

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Just now, Dan said:

I don’t understand? Dig up? You okay hun? 


Dude, your response to casual sexism was essentially "All lives matter".  Men are not routinely objectified like you did there so it's not comparable.

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Grealish has really good ball control and he can find ways through defenders that others can’t.  He’s also got a massive bullseye on him as everyone knows how dangerous he can be, which means defenders can be careless around him.  For that reason he earned the title of most fouled player in the premier league this season. 

I guess he’s also a bit of a wildcard in this England squad as his style of play doesn’t sit quite in Southgate’s main formations, so he’s not (I don’t think) started any games in the Euros.  Keeps things unpredictable for the opponents having him in reserve.

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