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Mass Effect Redux, the essential question

Mass Effect Redux, the essential question.  

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I'll be playing as Sheploo, as I was... Shale* the last two times I played the series.


Or so I say now. Naturally I'll end up playing it exactly the same way as before.


*You know, like Jennifer Hale. Doesn't really work, but default female Shepard isn't based on a real person.

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Just now, df0 said:

Am guaranteed to run the exact same build: voice-of-reason Paragon stealth sniper.

Which platform are you going with Kansa? I am wondering which one to go for.

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1 minute ago, jimmbob said:

Like the rest of my games I will buy it full price at launch and never play it. 

I will one up that as I am likely to buy it on multiple platforms. How much I play it really depends on how much they have done to it graphically.

I have played everything in there so many times on 360 and PC. I played it all again not too long ago. I am only hoping I have forgotten enough.

In my PC monitor this would be 1440p and no HDR. So maybe PS5 is my best option? However, I did want to try mouse and keyboard.




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I played as man shep the first time round. 


Probably play as the woman but I have a soft spot for man shep and his wooden voice delivery. 

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3 hours ago, squirtle said:


Damn you, Squirtle, I was going to post that in the main thread nearer the release date! :quote:

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2 hours ago, Harrisown said:

No one knows who this guy is.



This is the end of the thread.


That's Kaiden Alenko. I have vague recollections of a space racist whom I had no problem letting get blown up.

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Male Shep.


Because no matter how good she sounds, the female one walks like she's crapped herself.


All. The. Time.


It's just not what I'm looking for in a saviour of the galaxy I'm afraid.

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Part of me wants to go Male Shep because I've never played Male Shep for longer than it took to get that achievement.


But Majora is right.

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16 hours ago, Majora said:

Jennifer Hale is Shepherd and I won't hear a single word to the contrary.


Their performances are so different, I find it actually affects my decision making a bit. With Mark Meer's voice I go pretty much full Kirk, and just play as uncomplicated space hero man. Does the right thing no matter what, moral grey areas, what moral grey areas? But with Hale I'm more like




Anyway, getting it on sale probably. Already own all the games and most of the DLC so don't feel like paying full price.

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Clear majority verdict for Jennifer then, with 6 members requiring re- education.


Just recorded the crew motivation speech..." no other species has the guts, the grit or the balls....." [camera pans over to Garrus, Wrex and Ash]  great stuff :wub:

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