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Could you identify this game? From 1984-ish

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H'mm, well I've watched videos of three different versions of a game called Zoom 909 and one of them is quite near and possibly near enough that it might - might - pierce any idea I had that I wasn't romanticising what I remembered. Two of the versions seem still too crude, with the trench being in that solid colour form. I really don't know.


This is a bit like that film Memento for me. No, it really is. The bit where Guy Pierce is told by the cop, the untrustworthy 'authority', that he's already avenged his wife's (?) death, or whatever. Has he? Have I? What if Zoom 909 is the game, and I go looking again in three or eight years' time, blanking out that I may have found it before?


And what does this say of the Bowyers' Cornish pasty situation? Maybe it was all fat and spud and onion, and the cause of the cyst I got on my right buttock, which caused opiates to be released, leaving me with intoxicated impressions? You see the danger? Blokes in white vans shout Jesus at me as they pass, but maybe I'm the antichrist and I've poisoned you with my quest to find a game that I've either already found or that doesn't exist.


Maybe I need some kind of regression therapy hypnosis?


What if I hold a Peters' Cornish pasty under my nose while watching the Zoom 909 footage - if I pass out or burst into tears maybe that would be proof?


I'll watch footage of the contenders again.

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This is getting on my tits now. It's obviously a case of unreliable memory, possibly more than one game merging together in the memory. 

It's Buck Rogers. Case closed. :lol:

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Spare a thought for my tits, Sir.


I'm inclined to go with Zoom 909 on the grounds of the unreliability of memory, the subtler colours and the lack of Buck Rogers branding that would have helped lodge the memory in my case.


I greatly look forward to anticipate reopening this matter in 2027, 2035 and 2043 on other forums.


In the meantime I'll soon be making some attempts to find a version of it that will run on a Linux-based laptop, so that I can be underwhelmed and thrown into a fresh depression as a result. Hurrah!

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