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The Pedestrian - sign-based puzzle game

Uncle Mike

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I made a post about this in the PS5 thread, but I think it's actually reasonably multi-platform. Certainly on PC for some time, and I believe releases planned for Switch and Xbox. (Wikipedia says it came out for PC in Jan 2020, but it only launched on PlayStation in Jan of 2021.)


It's essentially a 2D puzzle game. You're a little sign-post man, traversing between road signs, blackboards, computer screens and other 2D information-displaying things. You can jump, push/pull, carry certain objects and operate switches. From there, it's as you might imagine. Carry the key to the door, flick the switch to turn off the death laser, move the block to occlude the laser or create a step to jump on etc.


The gimmick of the game is that you link signs together outside of the world. You press a button to zoom out, pause the action and enter a mode where you can: move a linked set of signs around relative to each other, create links from doors/ladders in one sign to another, place a sign with a power socket next to a power line (and maybe more, I am maybe half-way through.)


The rules are straightforward. You can make or break links as much as you like, but if you recreate a link you've used, the puzzle resets. Doors/ladders will only open along a link if the signs they're on are reasonably close to being aligned in the correct space to each other (although you can move the signs around as much as you like. Enter this from the right, then immediately shift the sign so you can exit into the previous sign from the top.) Get to the exit however you like.


You tend to get a cycle of: enter a world (roadworks/university/sewers/alleyway) via a set of simple linked single-sign puzzles, then you get to a larger multi-stage "hub" puzzle where you'll need eg a battery, some wire, a stepping block etc, and use that hub to get to multiple multi-sign actually challenging puzzles.


And it's good! It introduces the puzzle elements in a nice staged way. It brings in new elements in a controlled sensible manner. You always feel smart rather than lucky for getting to the end of a section. You don't feel like you just brute forced things.


It's bright and breezy and no awful overwritten story added onto the top. Just a set of signs and some jazzy muzak.


I recommend it. (And on PS5 you get some lovely footstep haptics that add nothing but do feel nice.)


It's like £10-15 I think. Take a look!



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What a game!!


Completed it tonight. The puzzles aren't mega-taxing, though there were a few that had me scratching my chin.


The last section is a proper 'WOW' moment (You'll know what I mean if you get to it - for the love of FUCK don't use Google).


Music is great, and reminded me of the Amelie, it's an utterly charming experience.


Just short of five hours to complete.

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