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GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon - sequel to GetsuFumaDen

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Konami has announced GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon, a roguelite action title and sequel to the 1987 Japan-only NES original .


Labeled as a Ukiyo-e style hack-and-slash roguelite action game, GetsuFumaDen combines intense roguelite hack-and-slash action with a stunning dark fantasy world, brought to life through the stroke of traditional Japanese art.


Descend into the underworld while mastering a variety of unique weapons and equipment combinations. Perfect your hits and timing to unleash bursts of other-worldly powers.

While death is not the end, the world of Hell lives and breathes, presenting new layouts and challenges to overcome with each attempt.


Highly strategic action based on the unique spacing and timing aspects of Japanese martial arts, featuring ten beautiful and harrowing Ukiyo-e style stages, with fearsome bosses immersing players into the sublime world of GetsuFumaDen.
A diverse range of weapons will be possible to be paired to suit a variety of play styles.


Reveal trailer:




It’s planned for release sometime in Q1 2022.








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  • Keyboard Koala changed the title to GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon - sequel to GetsuFumaDen

Meh, that's just the common stylings of yokai/sumi-e/folklore stuff. I could say it's just as similar to Okami and Muramasa.


My main gripe is that the game looks a bit slow in that teaser.

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That recent Platinum game on Apple Arcade has a similar aesthetic too. It's far from unique. 


Any idea who these Guru Guru devs are? I tried Google and got nowhere. 

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Yeah, I consider this game a bit of a rip-off of Platinum's World Of Demons tbh. They even ripped off the logo typeface ffs.


But unless Platinum decides to release their game on actual consoles, this is -apart from the decade old Okami- the best and only game we will get in that style.

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  • 4 weeks later...

This is now available in early access on Steam. Might take the plunge as Returnal (while being insanely good) left the roguelite itch a bit unscratched.


Good to see they want more feedback on this. After the Contra: Rogue Corp debacle, Konami can definitely use some.

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This is a bit random, isn't it? I liked the original on the Famicom a lot.


I always mix this up with Genpei Toma Den, since they both feature red-haired warriors, and both start with G, and both end with Den. But they're totally not related.



On 15/04/2021 at 11:06, Cyhwuhx said:

Based on structure, sound and animations it looks like this game got ultimately recycled into TMNT for the NES.


Ehhhh... It may look it, but I would say not really. TMNT had much floatier jumping, and more relentless waves of respawning enemies. I like both games, but until you said this, it never entered my mind they might be similar. In so much as one side-scrolling action platformer is like another. You could lump the Konami Wai Wai World games into the mix then too.


For me, this is maybe a tiny bit closer to stuff like Battle of Olympus, Castlevania II, Adventure Island 4, and other side-scrollers with RPG-lite mechanics.

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That's not exactly what I meant. It doesn't play the same as TMNT, but the sound assets, type of animations, and top-down mixed with side scrolling, makes the original something I would expect to have been created by the same team as TMNT. There are similar creative decisions running through both games. Like how you can tell Shatter Hand and Shadow of the Ninja share an origin point.

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Got this and gave it a whirl. It's Dead Cells: Nippon Edition to a startling degree. Two main weapons, two sub weapons, teleporters all over the place. It does seem to do things a bit differently with upgrades, requiring various levels of demon fangs to unlock weapons and upgrade them and magatama to upgrade your own skills. Weapons unlocked seem permanent, but weapon upgrades aren't. It also has some souls as currency that you can use to upgrade one of your four main stats. Kind of like scrolls in Dead Cells.


Hell, when you start a run, you are in a room showing you all unlocked items as paper prayer slips on a wall. :)


It plays OK-ish. First impression is that it's slow and doesn't run as smoothly (have to play around with resolution on a Surface Book 2, I guess). More pressing is that your own attacks are flashy to the point that they obscure enemies. So far I've died a few times because I didn't even see my enemy attacking me, let alone that damage feedback was noticeable. Hopefully that'll get ironed out very soon, because the combo attacks invite you to stay close.


As for the game's difficulty, it's rather easy so far. The first boss is a bit of a cakewalk, despite its appearance. Want to keep playing, but it definitely needs a couple of rounds of polish.


BTW if you want to change button config, the contextual multi-use button seems to be part of an unintentional mini-puzzle to get it swapped to whatever button you want it. :P

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