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Williams/Midway arcade games source code on GitHub

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Bit late to the part on this as it was released over a week ago. It's all on GitHub.


There was a post on Mameworld that has since disappeared, but Google still has a cache of it. There's some stuff about it on 4chan, but you can find that yourself.



 Games include:
> WWF Wrestlemania
> Total Carnage
> SmashTV
> Revolution-X
> Open-Ice
> NBA Jam
> NBA Hangtime / Maximum Hangtime
> NBA Tournament Edition
> Cruisin' USA
> While some of the code is for earlier versions, there are also ROM images in many of
> those archives. I've sorted through them and found NARC v6.00, Trog LA3 with an
> earlier date string, Trog PA5-PAC proto, NBA Jam TE rev 3 & 4 with different date
> strings and rev 2.1, 5 new sets for NBA Hangtime include v1.2 and v1.3 and both the
> "L" and "M" version, NBA Maximum Hangtime there is the "M" and L 0.9 version and
> lastly a newer sound program for Revolution-X which reports as release 2 vs. the
> current release 1 that we had a dump of.
> It doesn't stop there, they also have sources for Sinistar, Frenzy, Stargate,
> Robotron, Defender and Joust.
> Also posted is some source code files for Atari 8-bit games by Ed Fries and even the
> source code for SNK's Art of Fighting!
> Also as a side note, in the Trog source tree looks like there is at least 2 versions
> of the game compiled for the NES system. One without and date code and one with a
> date code of 042391. So these might also be prototypes but I haven't looked into it
> at all.


It appears to have led to these discoveries:




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3 hours ago, Anne Summers said:

Is this official release of source code or a leak or something?


Well, it wasn't officially released by whoever owns the IP now (Warner Bros?), so I guess that makes it a leak.


One of the 4chan threads and Wikipedia says Jason Scott uploaded them. I've got no idea where he got them from though.

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