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Name that film

Anne Summers

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A movie I saw years and years ago on TV  and never been able to remember the name. 

Would have been in the 90s as I watched it in my bedroom, late at night , in my parents house. 

This isn't much to go on - but all I remember is its about a group of friends who go to Las Vegas to party and end up getting in trouble with the mob. It's not a comedy I don't think. In fact there's only one scene I remember specifically and it's where one of the gangsters has got one of the main characters at gun point after catching up with him, and the character is pleading for his life. He says that he's rich and will give the gangster money, but the gangster doesn't believe him. He says something like "You don't look rich, those shoes you're wearing don't look Italian to me". This stuck in my mind because at the time I didn't know why Italian shoes would equate to wealth, in the eyes of a 90s Las Vegas gangster. I have half a memory that the gangster was played by someone a little bit recognisable but I can't think who it was. 

Anyone got any ideas? I don't remember it being a particularly great film but it's annoyed me for a long time that I can't remember what it was. 

And no, it wasn't Very Bad Things, it would have been released a good while before that. 

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