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If you could only watch films starring one actor, who would you choose?

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1 hour ago, Nick R said:

I remembered that one name that came up a lot on that tool was Eli Wallach (because he was in Mystic River with Kevin Bacon). So I wondered if he'd be a good choice for this thread, due to the sheer number of roles he's had over a long career. Not quite as many as Christopher Lee, but still impressively high.


But looking through his IMDb filmography, apart from the obvious ones (The Good the Bad and the Ugly, The Magnificent Seven, and a few others), I've never even heard of many of his films, let alone ones I'm interested in seeing!

Baby Doll (1956) was enjoyable IIRC. Karl Malden is married to a hot 19 year old virgin, who sucks her thumb and sleeps in a crib, and who won't give it up until she's good and ready. Eli Wallach says "Your husband sweats more than any man I know, and now I can understand why". Eli starts toying with her, in order to get revenge for Karl burning down his cotton gin.


A cardinal denounced the movie as "a contemptuous defiance of the natural law", famously without seeing the picture first: "Must you have a disease to know what it is?"

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Five if you include the Clone Wars film, which is clearly worse than Rise of Skywalker (which in itself is Actually Good, not bad like you mistakenly think).

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