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You may NOT pirate Psp, Vita and PS3

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8 hours ago, Camel said:

As Fry Crayola says, the games in question could get released on other platforms


They could but that's not quite the nub of my post. The situation Dumpster describes is not a hypothetical, as it has happened on Xbox and there are a lot of good and varied reasons why many of those games will never see a release elsewhere, even if the developers wanted to.

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9 hours ago, dumpster said:

Here's a thought.  You own a digital only console.  There's a publisher selling a game on the digital store which is the only way to buy that game. Then the store closes.  The customer loses the ability to buy the game but the publisher loses the ability to sell it as well.  The product doesn't exist any more as a commercial entity. There's no way for the publisher to sell you the game, and even if they could there's no way you could buy it.  The whole argument against piracy is that sales are lost, money isn't spent etc. etc.  But in the world of digital only consoles, if they close the store your console is dead. It literally makes no difference if you pirate it or not because the publisher can't sell you the game anyway.  The game literally has no value because the only store that could possibly sell it is closed.  The console is dead. It's gone, it's over.  So pirate away, because it affects nothing. 


The problem in this case of course, although someone correct me, is there isn't a way to pirate some systems.


Although to be fair I don't think there's a console in history that's lost its store before its been busted open in purely software ways.


Individual games of course, absolutely.

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