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anyone still car booting?


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went for a bit of a mooch for the first time in ages today. didn't buy much, saw a nes, megadrive, boxed amiga, bag full of c64 games, wwe raw 2 for xbox for £10, speccy with games, quite a lot of stuff really.

came away with a saturn and controller (no leads) for £3.

quite chuffed really, spent all summer looking for a cheap saturn to replace my knackered one to no avail.

anyone else still venturing out?

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Have been getting out to them now and then. Picked up a few bits and pieces.

Didn't make it this weekend as I went away with the missus.

Did pick up Wild Arms, Ikaruga and Bust-A-Groove at the weekend.

Also got Banjo-Tooie, Majora's Mask, Rayman 2 and Donkey 64 (with exp pak) from a dodgy secondhand shop last week.

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I go to one or two on Sundays when I can be bothered. They are full of traders though so I don't get much. I'll start up again properly in March/April when the big boots are back.


Naaaaah...don't bother this year....leave some for the little people.... ;)

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Yeah like Rich said, boot sales are normally listed in local rags. I know they are where I live. B)

I am really looking forward to the Boot Sale season this year! I passed my driving text towards the end of last year's season whereas this year I will be able to get there as early as I want and go to as many as I want without having to rely on other people to take me ;)

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