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Gamesmaster: The Oral History (Kickstarter)


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Really enjoying this. I wish there was a little more detail for series 1 and series 3 doesn’t quite go into all the terrible problems that hampered that series but the amount of names they got to feature in the book so far (I’m only about half way through) is very impressive!


I never knew how big Dom was either at the time, he was doing a lot of shows, radio etc and was far bigger than just GamesMaster.

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Just finished reading about series six, it was brilliant. I don’t know if the full story of the Mario incident had been told before but I’m sure parts of it had. But ultimately I liked the closure of it from everyone as well as filling in the gaps.


Anyone remember when I actually got Dave ‘Games Animal’ Perry to come to this forum? It was great, I’m sure I messaged him on his forum he had at the time to come and check out here, that is till a mod banned him for ‘impersonating’ because they didn’t think it was really him. That still sucks even now because, even as the book goes into, Dave does/did take himself too seriously but ultimately he is a nice guy and isn’t mean spirited to anyone.

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14 hours ago, Lorfarius said:

Crazy they are only doing 15, millions of people used to watch that show. If it loads and I get on I'll def buy one.


Reading the backer email, it seems like they had a lot of trouble sourcing only 15 joysticks: let alone more. Guessing NOS joysticks are pretty thin on the ground in 2023....

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My Sister gt me this for christmas and I absolutely devoured it over the course of a couple of days. A real step through a door back to the 90s.





I know the British entertainment biz is incestuous, but holy crap.


There's a bit early on when he;s talking ab out his girlfriend Myfanwy and I;m thinking "is that the same one who went on to produce little britain and lend her name to the barmaid in the "Only Gay in the Village" Skits?" ad lo and behold, so it came to pass.


I never realised that Dom was another one of that group out of bristol university drama from which came Pegg, Walliams, Lucas, Etc. And his star burned so bright so much earlier than the rest of them, and then faded. I had the thought that somewhere in an alternate universe, Simon Pegg is a Canadian DJ., much loved in the UK for his 90s TV games show and Dominik Diamond co-wrote Spaced. played Scotty in the Star Trek Reboot, and is now mates with Tom Cruise.


Another thing was - back in the early-mid 90s I was not into console culture at all, going from amstrad CPC to having a PC so I always thought Dave Perry was a proper games journo from one of the console mags. I had no idea he'd basically created "The Games Animal" from scratch as a runner on the show.

One final thought is - there's a line where Dom says that everyone he met in the games industry in the 90s was really lovely (as opposed to those in enternainment. who weren't all lovely) which I think means 2 things:
1: He might not have registered the difference in power between his place in the "90's games" sphere and those in the "telly" sphere.
2: He's never met Stuart Campbell.


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