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April painting challenge: Flesh VOTE NOW!

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Over countless eons@Davros sock drawer has toiled, perfection his quest. His mortal frame hunched, twisted by time. Overlooking hundreds of vats filled with opaque liquid he cries: “FLESH, BRING ME FLESH!”


In this months challenge we are all about the corporeal form in all its beauty. Pick a model and demonstrate your finest fleshsmith abilities! From techno barbarian, reptile scales and everything in between, as long as it has skin, it’s in!


Poll is open now and closes 09:12 BST Tomorrow!


Ork/Ogre goes smash by @Albert Fish




Sound of music by champ champ @The Bag




"I know Kung Fu" Bloodbowl Troll by @And




Butterflies in my stomach by @Davros sock drawer




Lord of leakage - Lord of Virulence by @Oracle




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I've got a squad of Garrek's Reavers that have been taunting me for about 4 years. They're like the Chaos equivalent of the Chippendale's in terms of pose, so I'll give that a go.


Anyone got any tips for oiled muscular skin?

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Contrast Gulliman Flesh, here I come!


I never learned to do skin properly. Got a model in the minipainting discord secret santa that I never painted because chainmail bikini, there's definitely enough flesh on it to paint for this one if I get the time.

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I've bought two cans of primer, as I normally just basecoat using a GW spray - but for this challenge I'm seeing if I can do subtle highlights by using a gray base primer and then white on top (halfords only had those two colours)

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20 hours ago, Oracle said:

I've bought two cans of primer, as I normally just basecoat using a GW spray - but for this challenge I'm seeing if I can do subtle highlights by using a gray base primer and then white on top (halfords only had those two colours)

Do you mean like Zenithal highlighting?  Looking forward to seeing that as it has always intrigued me. 

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I'll try and get an ork done but I looked at the Lord of Virulence and noticed that he has quite a lot of flesh on display so will be working on him.

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1 hour ago, Oracle said:

I have no idea :D I'm a monkey with two cans of primer.

Zenithal priming is exactly what you are planning to do, ie priming brighter from above where the sun would be at its zenith - but as most of the time you’re then covering this up with paint it seems a lot of people just do this and then take a photo as a reference so that they can see where they should place their final highlights, rather than using this as some sort of pre-shaded highlight.


I’ve tried it, and it hasn’t really helped at my level, as it seems fairly obvious that the brighter parts should be at the top, or top facing.


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I found that Zenith highlighting is great if you are watering down your paints, or even glazing. Seeing as I just slap from the pot on to the minis it offered me no benefit at all, because I just immediately covered up the highlight with my thick, mucus like base layer.


Now that I've actually taken to thinning my paints I should probably try it again.

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All I’ve done so far is base coat this chonk with 50/50 Screamer Pink and Bugman’s Glow, and a bit of work on his backpack o’heads. Going to spend my evenings next week layering up in brighter tones, rather than my usual approach of using washes:



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10 hours ago, Oracle said:

Loving the variety of models. 


@The Bag glutton for punishment?

Always.  This had been on my backlog since before Xmas so it’s a good excuse to do it.  I love the original artwork (as a former cellist how could I not) so I’m going to try and go down that route a bit, there’s almost a grey tone to her skin and a bit of purple in the shadow - going to be interesting anyway.


I think she’s meant to be a muse or something, and although she’s pretty much naked (apart from strategic jewellery) I don’t think she’s very sexualised - there’s a lot of female models out there that are really hyper-sexualised in terms of pose and/or dress.  So I don’t have that much experience painting women, and certainly not thins much flesh.  I’m hoping I can use the airbrush to do a lot of the heavy lifting getting the skin tones established, and keeping it smooth.  That’s the other thing most faces/flesh I paint are damaged and worn, not smooth at all e.g.





so this is all a bit new.

1 hour ago, moosegrinder said:

I've not done anything yet. Turns out problems don't magically disappear overnight. I'm hoping to get started today, I REALLY want to have a go at this one.


hope you get stuff sorted so you can :hug:

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16 hours ago, Pelekophoros said:



Ah. Erm. Well this is a bit awkward image.thumb.jpg.81591d5349ec159690c8d6090fa17fac.jpg


I might ditch my khorne berserker for something else I’ve started then!

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  • Oracle changed the title to April painting challenge: Flesh VOTE NOW!

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