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Captain Kelsten

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11 minutes ago, danbot said:

@Zael Hey man. I looked at your channel and found the Sekiro series. I've started watching episode one which is great so far.

You have a great voice and the kind of relaxed style that I like.

Nice work man.


Ah you're too kind, thanks so much! Gonna try plug away at it now and just aim for a consistent output. Makes it a lot easier when I get nice messages like this. 

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I mostly spend my time making games, so I share the progress of various game development projects on my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/SeanNoonan_GameDev


I just did a quick recap of my 2022 in game development...



In 2023 I'm going to try to get back into devlogs as I found them fun to make, and they're probably more useful for people than basic WIP footage captures.

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