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SEGA Virtua Gun repaint! | a Treble project

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4 hours ago, Down by Law said:

That looks great dude, nice work. Blade Runner inspired colouring?

Cheers. Not directly inspired, no, but the gun does already look a bit like the Blade Runner Buttpulper* for sure. 


Not as much as the Guncon 2, which is almost a direct lift :)


*may not actually be called this

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On 30/03/2021 at 18:48, dumpster said:

Loving your projects @Treble. This is great! Don't take it on holiday. 

 This reminds me of a time when I'd procured a JP import gun and took it out of my bag to show to a friend on the train back home from London in the late 90s. There was a woman opposite us in the carriage who understandably looked very concerned - she calmed down once I showed her the cable and told her it was just a silly videogame peripheral :lol:


Also, great work @Treble!

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Oh the memories. I remember getting my Virtua Cop and blue gun from Electronics Boutique/Future Zone in Ayr high street, going to the restaurant in BHS (Remember them) and cooing over it while I had a fry up and a coffee. I bloody loved Virtua Cop. Played the keech out of it!

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