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Games With Gold April - The Barrel Scraping


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3 hours ago, MegaTrousers said:

It's a shame to see everyone dumping on Dark Void. Years since I played it and definitely a mixed bag, but the Jetpack movement is really cool when you get the hang of it - especially in slightly more confined areas. It's more or less The Rocketeer in game form. Exactly the sort of game that deserves a second look. So probably not much point putting it on games with gold.  


Edit: Dark sector was pretty good too. You basically got to fly the boomerang thing (glaive?). Apparently I just like gimmicky b-grade shooters of a certain age.

I'm up for giving Dark Void a go. I do remember the rocketeer comparisons in press releases of the time and it always piqued my interest.


I also have fond memories of playing the shonky B-tier games of the late 00's like Dark Sector. They weren't bad games, just very average, but I do miss them bizzarely.

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Looking forward singularity and saboteur in May then...


seriously though, I liked Dark Sector. It had a better sinking ship level than whichever CODMW starts with one, and iirc it’s a pseudo-sequel to shooters Area 51 and Black Site.

Strictly average, but good average. It does abandoned Eastern European city well...

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