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PlayStation Network still open - All choppers are returning to Saigon

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On 28/03/2021 at 02:49, spatular said:


these links worked for me the other day but don't any more - do they still work for anyone?


That's incredibly frustrating, Sony's determination to prevent people giving them money seemingly knows no bounds.


There were definitely games on there (including Tactics Ogre) that are no longer available for purchase on the various console stores.


I don't get why - if they have to maintain these files on their servers anyway to allow people to redownload them from the Download Lists - they can't at least keep up a basic storefront page for them. It makes no sense, some of these game would still see a slow trickle of sales surely?

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On 27/03/2021 at 22:27, Nick R said:


Regardless of your opinion of it, you haven't been able to buy the PS3/360 versions for years, and they were not made available again with the recent PS4/Xbox One Complete Edition re-release. So why did you include this in your list of stuff to grab from PSN before it's gone? Was it just to remind people who bought it years ago that they should re-download it and get it patched?


Basically yeah, same with Outrun 2. Even though I dislike Scott Pilgrim (way too grindy!!), I went and redownloaded it from my working account for both my PS3 systems. Because I know others like it and, for whatever reason, I might want to either sell a PS3 or mod it and make use of the data.


Grab stuff while you can is the motto for this topic.


I keep a list of all the installs on all my systems (PS3, X360, Steam, GOG, etc.), so I just copy and pasted the PS3 list and gave little write ups on each. I am fully aware a lot of the games are available elsewhere. Worryingly, I have only now discovered a lot were taken down ages ago. Karoshi for example is one of the coolest, most inventive little one-screen platformers I have ever seen. And it's now gone!


So in that sense, Nick R, this thread is also a means of commiserating great games that are now gone forever (or at least gone until PS3 emulation is easy). So Karoshi, Scott pilgrim, Outrun 2, The Cave, Earthworm Jim HD, Simpsons Arcade, all of these are gone from PSN ages ago. But I still like the idea of people saying they had a great time on them. I will make a note and, sometime in the future, somehow, I might be able to play these lost titles.


Of course, when PSn shuts off, all the exclusives will be lost.


Anyway, this thread has not yielded as many results as I had hoped for (a few good ones, but only a few). So to make things easier, here is a website:



Was surprised to discover Revenge of the Wounded Dragons was an exclusive. Also that it was delisted. I had the demo years ago. Was it worth buying?


Also, from Bordersdown, someone pointed out that House of the Dead 4 on PSN is the only home conversion of the arcade title. So definitely grab that.



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Just got the e-mail confirming the shutdown from Sony. Bit tickled that they chose to sign off with the phrase "PLAY HAS NO LIMITS" when they've just told me that a load of digital-only games and DLC are being officially buried.

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So, after so much hand wringing about whether the rumour was true, the sons of bitches have only gone and done it!





Also, more recommendations please. I want to fill my boots this weekend then sign off for good.


Any urgent DLC or patches? As an example, Project Sylpheed on X360 was unwinnable without the patch that unlocked the homing missiles. I'm worried there's other, similar unwinnable games on PS3 (I heard Skyrim on PS3 was glitched to fuck and back before multiple patches).


Does this email, telling us about the situation, mention patches? I mean, sure I can download stuff i bought, but will games automatically download patches past the date, seeing as only the storefront is closing?

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20 minutes ago, Camel said:

There's a sequel (er, E4 I think) on XBLA at least (so unsure if on PSN) but IIRC it's quite a different affair. 


yeah it plays like a completely different game. the original every extend is freeware on pc too - which is similar to the psp version.

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So I spent this morning browsing the whole of PSN along with the Gematsu link to check out all the exclusives, and also just cool games. I made a shortlist in Excel with prices. Just personal stuff I did not yet own but kinda might want to. In case anyone cares:


Battle Princess of Arcadias    25
Carnivores HD    8
Deadfall Adventures    4.3
Dragon Fantasy Bk 1    5.8
Eiyuu Senki: The World Conquest    33
Fatal Inertia EX    16
Flow    4
Hohokum    10
House of the Dead 4    6.5
Killzone    10
Landit bandit     7.4
Last Guy BONUS    1.7
Legasista     17
Legend of Kay Anniversary    20
Luftrausers    7.4
Malicious    6.5
Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC    12
Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)    12
Odin Sphere Leifthrasir    35
OlliOlli    8
Page Chronica     9
Pier Solar    10
Proteus    6.5
Rogue Legacy     10
Shakedown: Hawaii    16
Shatter     6.5
Shovel Knight    20
Sideways: New York    DELETED
Sky Fighter    8
The Swindle    12
Thexder neo    4
Trine    8


Then I realised all that will come to over £350, so I reckon I'll be trimming the stuff which I can instead just buy on Steam, like Eiyuu Senki (which looks like a simplified Sengoku Rance).


On reflection, a lot of the better stuff is available elsewhere, however, some highlights for me:


Battle Princess of Arcadia - this seems to be a PS3 exclusive and only on PSN, with no physical release. And it looks like Odin Sphere crossed with Dragon Force for the Saturn. Anyone here play it??


Mass Effect 3 DLC - the final instalment is gimped to the point of being not worth playing without the DLC. There's the improved ending, which is free DLC, and essential. Otherwise you basically have no ending. Also the DLC that allows you to recruit the Prothean, which is part of the base game and should never have been removed to make DLC.


The Last Guy DLC - I never even knew this had it! If you're going to get TLG, which is a system exclusive, better get its DLC too.


Page Chronica - apparently made in Singapore, this is a system exclusive with very little info. Anyone play it? Not sure I want to burn £9 on an unknown. Reviews on Metacritic are horrendous, and yet... I am curious. A platforming where you must spell words?? This guy loved it.


Sideways: New York - this looks INCREDIBLE. Like Fez but better? Sadly it's been delisted, and, since it is a system exclusive, no one will ever get to play it. :(

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Isnt it worth holding fire, surely they will have some sort of sale before they pull the store? if you blew over £300 on that lot and it was discounted to £100 or so a week later i'd be pretty pissed off :(

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It’s so sad that TxK was delisted, I was playing it on my OLED Vita in a dark room with the brightness all the way up and it’s like having lasers blasted in to your eyes by the void.

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6 minutes ago, Down by Law said:

Isnt it worth holding fire, surely they will have some sort of sale before they pull the store? if you blew over £300 on that lot and it was discounted to £100 or so a week later i'd be pretty pissed off :(


An excellent point, though to quote Chopemon on Bordersdown:



I see people on The Internet talking about a big blow out sale happening before the stores shut down. Apparently Sony removed the ability for PS3 and Vita games to go on sale a few months ago so publishers can no longer discount their own games so don't count on a sale.


I'm not sure of the source on that.


Naturally I'm waiting. I just wanted to make a short list so I can decide and watch reviews. I won't be buying anything probs until next month. Though I might grab The Last Guy DLC this afternoon, since it's basically £1.70. :D

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On 31/03/2021 at 10:50, Alex W. said:

It’s so sad that TxK was delisted, I was playing it on my OLED Vita in a dark room with the brightness all the way up and it’s like having lasers blasted in to your eyes by the void.


Was it delisted on the EU store only? It's on the US store. 

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I suspect a corporation that no longer wants to maintain a bunch of old shop fronts for old consoles will have little interest putting resource into updating those stores for a final sale.

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On 02/04/2021 at 14:58, David Kenny said:

I'd never heard of Gungnir but it was mentioned in this thread. Any opinions on whether it's worth 15 quid?


Like the rest of its series ("Dept. Heaven", all available on PSP - the other games being Riviera and Yggdra Union (both also released for GBA), and Knights in the Nightmare (also released on DS)), it's quirky but ultimately a bit underwhelming: perfunctory story matched to a decent tactics layer. I never found the combat particularly challenging, but the core concept of tying the effectiveness of special abilities to your control of key locations on the map, and the generation of your 'Tactics Gauge' by moving units, which you then need to decide whether to spend it and boost your damage output, or hold on to it in cas eyou need to act out of turn order, is an interesting one - as I say, it's a quirky little SRPG.


It never had a physical release outside of Japan, to my knowledge, so this is likely your last chance to pick it up. It was a hard sell on the system thanks to the trio of Actually Great SRPGs available on it (Tactics Ogre, Jeanne D'Arc, Final Fantasy Tactics), but if you can look past that/want a slightly different approach to the genre, it's probably worth £15!

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3 hours ago, Super Stop and Shop said:


Was it delisted on the EU store only? It's on the US store. 

If it has come back, everyone with an OLED Vita (and probably everyone else) should get it.

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Another vote for Odin Sphere Leifthrasir - preferably on the VITA, as that leaves you with a nice Vanillaware collection on one handy portable machine. And LocoRoco Midnight Carnival, the final and download-only game in the cheery PSP series .

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The store is down. You can buy but not download items.


I keep getting error 80029509.


There does not seem to be a proper workaround.


Some people claim you must turn on 2 step authentication. THIS DOES NOT WORK for error 80029509.


Sony refuses to comment or acknowledge the problem. Most news sites are not covering it. They are taking your money but not allowing you to download stuff.

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Probably a repost, but VGC have assessed the potential loss: 



Of the games set to disappear from the formats, the vast majority are available on other platforms such as older PlayStation consoles or PC. However, around 120 games will essentially become lost forever once the stores close, our analysis suggests. Some titles will essentially become Xbox console exclusives, such as Beyond Good & Evil HD, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light and both Bionic Commando games.


In total, around 2,200 digital-only games will disappear after the stores close, including:

Around 630 digital-only Vita games
Around 730 digital-only PS3 (PSN) games
A small number of digital-only PSP games
293 PlayStation Minis
336 PS2 Classics
Around 260 PS1 Classics (particularly on PSP and Vita)


The numbers above are estimates: Sony has pulled the online versions of the stores already which has made exact data more difficult to find. As such, we’ve had to rely on creating our own lists to come up with these figures, and there will be some discrepancies (such as games that were already pulled from the store in the past).


Also, I guess the digital-only PSP Go is devoid of value :P unless you're selling or buying one with lots of pre-installed content?

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I've started to make some purchases. Its worth checking all store-fronts as they all have different things. Play Asia does digital codes for credit and works out around just under £10 for $10 or 1000 yen.


I'm mainly concentrating on picking up PS2 Classics as these are still in a place which doesn't make it easy to emulate (Series S/X through Retroarch but I suspect some issues, or a modded PS4 which is perfect to emulate but an expensive option)


All these pretty much work out at £10 each given the way PSN credit works with top-ups


Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (US PSN)

I've been wanting to play this for a few years now and spent some of my afternoon getting started - it really works well in 3D despite the small rooms it's very reminiscent of Symphony of the Night. Murky textures only help to add to the experience


Contra: Shattered Soldier (US PSN )

This is the good Contra on PS2 in 2.5D and is a sequel to Contra Hard Corps


Sega Ages: Dynamite Deka (Japan PSN)

A remake of Die Hard Arcade with improved textures (although there is a Sega Saturn mode which replaces all the textures with the original which is nostalgic)


Haunting Ground (Japan PSN)

A Capcom horror game with a dog. Not sure how playable in Japanese so any opinion on this appreciated!


And on the UK store I recommend all of these:

Persona 3 FES

SMT: Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2 (£13 for both - one continuous story)

Suikoden III

Suikoden IV


God Hand

Gradius V


Maybe Persona 3 will be re-released at some point but the rest? Don't count on it.

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I set up the PS3 and looked through all the games on the store but I didn’t really see anything I couldn’t live without. But I don’t remember seeing any PS1 or PS2 games. Did you purchase from the web or console? @MW_Jimmy


Also, did Haunting Ground not get a PAL release? I definitely remember having a promo poster for it (couldn’t give it away). 

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@acidbearboyYou can't buy through the webstore anymore and has to be through the console.


And PS1 and PS2 classics are really hard to search for! For example need to search for Megami, Persona and Devil Saga to find those all those games.


Haunting Ground did get a PAL release but as with most of these PS2 games it is already going for quite a bit of money.

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10 hours ago, earlymodernsteve said:


It is! Thank you! Can't believe I missed that. I think it's because I watched an old review video which said it was PS3 exclusive? Clearly not anymore. :)

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The download list on a PS3 is so rubbish :lol: Loads of items don't even tell you what system they're for.


This cross-buy thing where you have to make sure you've downloaded both versions - can someone explain which games this affects? 


Funny how being forced to deal with ancient purchases makes you start evaluating them again. I think I played The Last Guy for five minutes way back when and imagined - as with so many games - that I'd return to it shortly after. Gave it a proper spin last night and - lol - I'll be returning to it again soon.



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