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Discord, who's buying them?


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21 hours ago, moosegrinder said:

Yeah, it's like any corner of the internet. The 2 or 3 I frequent are great.


The rllmuk one is awesome. Nothing is ever posted apart from this:



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37 minutes ago, spork said:


To be fair, looks like he stopped trying back in May. Unless you've got everyone else blocked :sherlock:


I mostly stopped looking to be honest. Apart from when I post to say I can't access the forum :)

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On 23/03/2021 at 22:56, Sarlaccfood said:



tl;dr - I'm about to suck all the fun out of that funny pic. I'm probably also more pro-Microsoft than you care for. Skip as needed.




It's funny Microsoft has this weird legacy*, when all the cool new service providers spin up and retire products in the blink of an eye. I mean, we're going to need a hotel for all the doors of Google's chat applications. Granted, I would have kept MSN going if the stack could feasible be used on the modern devices, but Skype is still around and it's fine (albeit a bit buggy, having endured a weird UI change, and gone through some stupid product iterations including that bare bones chat app in Win 10 which tried to be MSN). Honestly, I'd still be using it but more stable options arose, like WhatsApp. And no longer having the XB1/Kinect on the main tv is pretty much the death of Skype for me, but it was amazing to have big TV video chats with my family back in the UK. I'm sure the XSX takes a webcam, but no one has Skype installed now. So, tiny screens and Signal it is.


You could probably argue Rare and Nokia are the bigger mistakes here. That Win Phone was completely separate to Win 8 (when they were touting the cross-device approach) and then supported even more poorly than their 1st party apps on Win 10 was just peak Microsoft of that era. I don't think they'd do that again, as the Surface division has subsequently shown. 


Anyway, as Sony shut down studios and back-end functionality for older devices, and recent Microsoft is all about BC, I'd probably give them a fair crack of the whip. I suspect they'll keep Discord as is, maybe actually enforce the T&C to stamp out toxic shit there, and integrate Microsoft accounts and Xbox stuff (so like, it shows what you're playing and probably lets you send messages directly). See also: Github, which I believe was left largely as-is.




*speaking of legacy, you can run the Windows 3.1 file manager on Windows 10, the source code is on github. Let me know which other OSes have that range of compatibility.



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