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PsOne sofmodding, thank's to "Tonyhax" rejoice at not needing a modchip.


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Well, this couldn't have come at a better time ( actually, 5 hours earlier might have been nice ) as I wantd to play my NTSC R:4 at work, without coming home to get the chipped PS2.


Anyway, some bright spark has sussed out a free McBoot style hack for the PS1, it requires THPS 2 or 3, and a memory card that has the exploit on it, you fire up the game with the MC plugged in, go to create a character and it triggers the exploit, allowing you to play imports or those high sea's variety bits n bobs from yesteryear.




Tomorrow I shall test it out I suppose, through a PS2 to start with as that is what's set up in the office, if not I'll dredge out a PS1... and as I type this, I realise that there is a Blue Debug system on the floor there... and I could have been playing Ridge Racer Type 4 this evening... fuck :(

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Tried this out on a PS2, it doesn't work.

Went through the pile of "faulty" PS1 original's I had, 1st one was not reading discs, second and third had stickers on to say I'd tested them and they were already chipped ( ffs! ) and the last one works, stuck THPS 2 in, fired it up and yes, can confirm it works nicely, what a great discovery.


Had to transfer the save files from the laptop to a USB stick, then over to the PS1 memory card via uLauncher with Free McBoot, but now they are on there, it's all good, if anyone needs a card doing, just post me a card, I'll copy the files over and send it back :)

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