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Aliens Fireteam - They mostly come out online, mostly


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Feel free to add me Mik3F


It will probably be Wednesday or Thursday evening before I get a chance to play though as prior commitments until then


Looking forward to it though


Sent request to a few of you I think

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Not that it means much but the ign score got leaked on their page my accident then pulled. 

they gave it a 7. 

Now in the Prometheus world and it’s a bit more open, some new enemies and toys to play with. 
be far better playing with human team mates than these androids but glad they’re a feature. 


I think these games suffer from once your done that’s it. I certainly wouldn’t play this over and over and couldn’t imagine playing with team damage on which is one of the features on the level they advise you to play on. 


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8 minutes ago, Ry said:

Do any reviews mention if there is public matchmaking?



If you don't have friends to play with, don't worry. Zinkievich said that there is a public matchmaking system so that players can find others to play with online. And if someone in your party leaves (either on accident or on purpose), you won't be penalized.


From here: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/aliens-fireteam-elite-wont-support-cross-play-but-will-allow-cross-gen-play/1100-6493179/


I'm very tempted to pick this up on SX - anyone doing the digital code for a decent price yet?

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3 minutes ago, ChewMagma said:

Anyone know what the performance of this is like on PS4? Or the likelihood of this ever getting crossplay?


I'd prefer to get it for my Series S, but if I want to play with mates I'm probably going to have to get it on PS.


An interview says they have no plans. I'm going to jump to conclusions and say it's because they couldn't afford whatever it is Sony asks to implement it. Wild stab in the dark.

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First ‘section’ of 3 missions done. Pretty fun!


2 runs had to be restarted as doors wouldn’t open. And you can’t seem to chain missions you go back to hub (with randoms) and the leave team button doesn’t work you have to kick then 

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