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My half-arsed collection of D&D games

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Slightly off-topic but I had EOB for the Amiga as part of a compilation. IIRC there wasn't much documentation but that may not be true. Does anyone know what this compilation was? It was 4 very different games and I think one of them was Lombard RAC Rally.

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3 hours ago, Anne Summers said:

Is 3 as much of a letdown as the press at the time made out? Always found it hard to believe they would fuck up such a winning formula. But I have half a memory that the criticism was for the glitching/slowdown issues, in fact I remember the particular review I read (which was probably PC Gamer or PC format) saying it ran like a dog even on the most powerful computer they tried it on. 

What's so bad about it otherwise? Just boring level design and stuff?


I've barely played it, to be honest. I never played it back in the day because it didn't come out on the Amiga, and I keep meaning to play through the first two games again so I can use the same party in the third. From what I gather, it's not that well balanced and runs out of steam well before the end. I do want to play it at some point though.

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Just refreshed my memory by re-checking the DA article - and remembered that 3 wasn't made by Westwood was it? So presumably that's the reason the quality dipped. Apparently Westwood donated their engine to SSI who made it internally, and got on with developing Lands of Lore which has a much more advanced engine. Another series I've got to get round to playing - outside the remit of this thread though obviously!


So I just realised I completely missed out Hillsfar by going straight into COTAB. It's another one that gets a lot of bad press, but I booted it up for a quick look and I actually really like the presentation. I can see right away that it isn't made by the same people who made the first 2 games (it's made by Westwood, in fact!) But the little arcadey horse jumping segment, the world map that you start on, and the town itself, all have a little bit of charm of their own. I gather that it's basically a filler title that is sort of just a sandbox for levelling characters a bit and then taking them into other games for a proper adventure. I like the concept and it's something I've thought would be great in modern RPGs for a long time. But these days I'd like to see it as an app, that you can use to grind your Elder Scrolls/Fallout (or whatever) character while you're waiting for your mate in the pub or something. 

Can't see myself spending a lot of time on it but I'm going to explore for a bit and and just try to get the measure of it. 

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A good way into Curse of the Azure Bonds now and it's a a nice improvement over PoR, like the way sequels used to be done. Slightly slicker interface, prettier drawings and a lot more focused in its plotting and pacing. The opening act is much more of an adventure and less of a roguelike-experience. More scripted sequences that take you through the storyline, rather than what feel like random encounters disconnected from any overall plot. I've never heard particular praise for the storylines in any of these games though so not expecting it to last. 


Not sure I will progress much past this one though when it comes to exploring this series. From what I understand the quality dips considerably after this one. I'll probably jump ahead to the Krynn series I think. 

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