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Late Night Gaming


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I enjoy a drink and a game as much as the next person. But as the evening wears on and the bottle drains beyond the 2/3 mark, I tend to find my appetite tends towards a particular type of game. 

After midnight, there’s one game I find myself going back to time and again for the past 10 years, and it’s the 360 version of Daytona USA. A couple of others get a look in, like Pac Man and Virtua Racing, but yea, mainly it’s Daytona. 

If I think about why that is - I think it’s because it’s a game I know inside and out, and can almost play blindfolded - yet, it’s twitchy enough to always be challenging and unpredictable. It’s also a short, pure experience, shorn of narrative or other impediment to enjoyment. I’m drunk, and I want to get down to business right away, in the style I’m accustomed to. 

Anyway, is this just me, or do you have a game you always go to when you’re pished of an evening? Like a drunk old boy belting out Oh Danny Boy at kicking out time, maybe we cling to the old standards when we’ve had a few?

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6 hours ago, Sarlaccfood said:

Well up for a bit of Daytona. Can you still buy it?

You can still buy it, not via your Xbox tho as it shows as unavailable. You have to search the 360 Xbox live marketplace and can get it from there. I bought it last month for £6.99, it’s a fantastic port!




it works with racing wheels as well but not full force feedback.


edit: I am playing it on series X and it’s very smooth, no frame hitches at all

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I tend to stay up until about 12.30-1am on a Friday and Saturday night playing, but I can't say I switch to a particular game after a certain time - I just carry on playing the game I started playing at about 9/10pm.




Yep, that's about all I've got to contribute to this thread. :coffee:

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I never really play into the small hours*, but if midnight is approaching I'll often find myself wanting to play something but not having anything in mind, so I'll go to an old faithful arcadey game. Outrun 2006 on PC and CvS2 on Redream are currently filling that gap.


*I have had at least one instance of playing co-op Destiny which has been an exception - usually when we know we should quit and try again another time but we're also reeeally close to finishing a thing...

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7 hours ago, Orion said:

Yakuza games. 


Will get through some hostess nights so I'm loaded with cash next time I play. My drunk Host game is strong. I see you confusing C for Ladies Glass signal everytime.

I was often pished in the wee hours when I was playing Yakuza 0 and, yeah, I’d be doing some heavy Cabaret Club Czar bizness. Dancing in my seat steaming whenever I activated Fever Time.



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When I was younger it used to be Street Fighter. There was a very fine line between me being just about drunk enough to go on a drunken master autopilot, avoiding and countering every attack perfectly without really thinking about it, and being too drunk to pull off even a basic two hit combo and being used a punching bag.


Nowadays I feel like death the next day if I stay up past 11PM. Dad needs his sleep.

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