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PSVR2 - out now!


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49 minutes ago, Strafe said:

You’re shit out of luck because the PS5 doesn’t play 3D blu ray discs to the best of my knowledge.


I’d arrange delivery to a friend or family rather than having it sit in the street. I’d say that the courier wouldn’t leave a high ticket item outside but Sony might use evri as a courier so who knows.

haha what the fuck. So it’s only ps4 which does it. Shit gen.

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  • Inside-out tracking is a good thing
  • Improved display (resolution, FOV, refresh rate) is nice
  • The headset is comfortable and easy to adjust
  • Foveated rendering makes things pretty because it only renders what your eyes look at
  • Improved controllers are good; haptics are good
  • There were issues with tracking - the range for hand movement was limited - e.g. when you move your hand back behind your head to reach for gear on your back in Horizon
  • Chromatic abberation around the edges of the display suggests possible lens issues
  • Unknowns over backwards compatibility is a downside of sorts
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21 minutes ago, Garibaldi said:

Apparently a lot of the issues with tracking etc were down to there being so many units working beside each other at CES, and therefore creating interference. 


That’s no help to me and the 50 other people in my house that have ordered one.

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Mash, Alex & Skeeva are super excited for PSVR2. It's getting a good reception amongst VR YouTubers. Some are more enthusiastic than others but generally they say the tech is good but some worry about the lack of quality software at launch and (is it) Mura that was prevalent on PSVR . 

I was gonna cancel my pre-order for PSVR2  but FOMO got me to order a PS5 today from Amazon (with 5 interest free payments - result). Now i'm trying to source a super cheap copy of Resident Evil Village 

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12 hours ago, boybrown said:

i'm trying to source a super cheap copy of Resident Evil Village 


The PS4 version of RE Village Gold is £32 or so at Amazon and – you may want to check first though – I believe it has a free PS5 upgrade.

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New PlayStation blog post revealing more launch games: https://blog.playstation.com/2023/01/19/playstation-vr2-13-new-titles-and-launch-lineup-revealed/?fbclid=IwAR2Y8PDrETL-DqpdQVt1x9Naywm-4Bmpv5ot8z_QUYNXKw-c2LwROTSGpxQ


Includes some cool news:


Gran Turismo 7 is the FULL game in PS VR2.

New version of Rez Infinite at launch (includes eye tracking and haptics), upgrade available for existing PSVR owners for £9.99

New version of Tetris Effect at launch (includes eye tracking and haptics), upgrade available for existing PSVR owners for £9.99



Full launch window list:



After the Fall (Vertigo Games)
Altair Breaker (Thirdverse)
Before Your Eyes (Skybound Interactive, launch window)
Cities VR (Fast Travel Games) 
Cosmonious High (Owlchemy)
Creed Rise to Glory: Championship Edition (Survios, launch window)
The Dark Pictures: Switchback (Supermassive, launch window)
Demeo (Resolution Games)
Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate (MyDearest Inc., Perp Games)
Fantavision 202X (Cosmo Machia, Inc.)
Gran Turismo 7 (via free update to PS5 version of GT7)
Horizon Call of the Mountain (Firesprite, Guerrilla)
Job Simulator (Owlchemy)
Jurassic World Aftermath (Coatsink)
Kayak VR: Mirage (Better Than Life)
Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat! (Gemdrops, Inc.)
The Last Clockwinder (Pontoco/Cyan Worlds)
The Light Brigade (Funktronic Labs, purchase includes PS VR and PS VR2 versions) 
Moss 1 & 2 Remaster (Polyarc)
NFL Pro Era (StatusPro, Inc., free PS VR2 upgrade)
No Man’s Sky (Hello Games, launch window)
Pavlov VR (Vankrupt)
Pistol Whip (Cloudhead, free upgrade)
Puzzling Places (Realities.io, free upgrade)
Resident Evil Village (Capcom, via free update to PS5 version of RE Village) 
Rez Infinite (Enhance)
Song in the Smoke (17 Bit)
STAR WARS: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge (ILMxLab)
Synth Riders (Kluge Interactive, free upgrade)
The Tale of Onogoro (Amata K.K)
Tentacular (Devolver)
Tetris Effect (Enhance)
Thumper (Drool LLC)
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners: Ch. 2: Retribution (Skydance, launch window)
Vacation Simulator (Owlchemy)
What the Bat (Triband)
Zenith: The Last City (Ramen VR, free upgrade) 


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  • Pob changed the title to PSVR2 - out now!

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