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PSVR2 - out now!


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6 minutes ago, Calashnikov said:

My favourite bit of Tetris Effect in VR was the fireworks level, funnily enough, but mostly because the tune was teh bangingz0rz. The tune in that Fantabawz trailer is shite though. Did it have a good soundtrack originally?

no. It wasn’t a good game. The sell was ps2 particle effects.

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Scares aside, I think the biggest thing hampering RE8 VR will be how full on the movement will be. Supposedly even those with very experienced ‘vr legs’ have found it a bit much.


Do we know if they’re including a teleporting movement option? Even if they do, the cut scenes alone could be vomit inducing.

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It all happened so fast. I had just sat down to dinner and taken one bite of my curry when I got an alert from the PlayStation app.


It only gave me 6 minutes to verify the payment with my bank. £530, like that.


I dunno how hard I’ll try and talk myself down before Feb.

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Hold on, they actually want the money up front?! I got an offer to "win" a chance to pre-order one, then "won", then was told it was out of stock so I would feel like I had actually lost. I didn't feel like I'd lost much though, I could still watch Top Gun : Maverick and then climb into Ace Combat to do the whole 'riding along on my bike pretending I was the pilot of a Tomcat and then do "the special move" where I slam on the breaks just like Maverick', except it feels like I'm actually in a bloody plane. Every so often I'm getting emails from Sony about more chances to pre-order though so I'm guessing the artificial scarcity tactic isn't working as well as they'd hoped, the fact that I only know 3 people in real life (including myself) who actually has one of the bloody consoles to use the thing on doesn't seem like the best sign either. 


I was tempted, especially with RE8 being announced (I honestly don't know if I could take that in VR though, jesus christ I had to pause it a few times in 2D because I found it too intense), but if they want £600 two months in advance then no chance. I'm possibly getting the wrong end of the stick and it's just a verification and actual charge on dispatch like the PS5, but really as much as I enjoyed PSVR and as nice as it looks, that's still a hell of a lot of money for something that won't even play the VR games I've already got. The lack of backwards compatability even though the PS5 can effectively run as a PS4 Pro seems like such a terrible move. I know that the actual technicalities of it would be a complete development nightmare and that having full platform compatability at launch is in no way realistic, but for near £600 if you want an actual single game to play? That Horizon thing will need to be pretty damn good because there's absolutely no way I'm walking into that RE8 village knowing what's ahead of me.


If only they'd been able to get John Carmack in early on, he'd have all those original games working in an afternoon (maybe). At least he's finally told Facebook/Meta that he's had enough after seemingly being the only one at the place who was open about their amazing Web 3.0 platform being a load of meaningless bollocks. They're in trouble now that the man behind their curtain got sick of working the smoke and mirrors and just walked off. 


Be nice to get rid of those wires though..

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Yeah, hence having until Feb to think about it. I signed up to be alerted because why wouldn’t I, not because I’d given any serious thought to paying half a grand for it when I haven’t touched the first one all year. That’s mainly due to what a messy ballache it is to have lying around tho. So now the real decision making starts.



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There's a big PSN sale going on at the moment, and there's a few games that will be getting free upgrades for PSVR2:

I think that's it. Puzzling Places is also on sale but that hasn't even been announced for PSVR2 yet; I imagine it will, but who knows if it'll be a free upgrade.

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Just now, Broker said:

Wait PSVR2 doesn’t play PSVR games?!?


It is $ony we are talking about.


(More seriously, there's a significant difference between inside out and outside in tracking and the capabilities of the controllers, so it's not really quite so egregious as charging for minor PS4 to PS5 upgrades).

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6 minutes ago, Broker said:

Does the PSVR do stuff the 2 doesn’t though? Surely it’s just a case of mapping whatever solution it uses to map your head moving and you waving your hands about? 


It's more that someone would have to code the difference to the controllers (and it won't be trivial - there will be significantly more accuracy using controllers from 2022's technology to stuff released in 2010, and an interesting mapping) plus any tweaks or workarounds people have sorted out to map to the capabilities or otherwise of the Playstation 4 camera. So a load of testing, etc. even with a minimal hardware change. And it isn't a minimal hardware change.


Whereas for PC VR everyone has been targeting a mixture of hardware and controller capabilities throughout and have had more resource to play with to avoid really heavy hardware specific optimisation (which I assume would have been necessary on PS4).


Not saying it's good (I'd love to play Astrobot), but just that I'm not surprised.

Also $ony.

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