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Splatoon 3 - releasing 2022 (probably)

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Might as well get the thread started now. Lots of cool new stuff in the video - that ink longbow looks amazing!


Things we know


Character creation:


- There are more skin tones and eye colour variants compared to Splatoon 2

- Hair is stylable now? This is clearly Very Important

- Creating a buddy? It's a small fry? I hope we can give it a mullet


Story and location:

- Inkopolis Tower is stuck in the ground? Either that or Callie and Marie's promo trips have gone a bit wrong:




- There's some kind of new city, served by the now beat-up subway trains. 

- Capitalism has sadly not perished, as Mr. Grizz appears to still be in business




- New spawn animations - are those custom spawn locations?

- Longbow weapon

- New crab sub weapon thing

- New maps

- ...it appears the Inkzooka has made a return from Splatoon 1

(Basically all of the research taken from this post on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/splatoon/comments/lm6zfc/splatoon_3_megathread/)


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I think it all looks great! I'm very much interested to see what they do with the single player campaign this time around as they have so much of the world built-up I could definitely see them going all out this time.

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Looks fresh.


It's the only shooter I can play as my OCD nature and old man running away from all the other players suits it perfectly, I just find empty corners of the map and greatly enjoy myself tidying up and making the paint as neat and complete as possible.


There is fun in getting other players obviously, but the winning thru paint coverage and non violent nature of it is absolute genius.

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Love the game and day 1 for sure. Not sure the trailer really gives you anything that suggests a sequel though. If you told me it was a new map and weapon in S2 I'd believe it. Did they provide any further details on the Direct?

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