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Konami IP That Needs New Games or Re-Releases


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Like the Nintendo thread but Konami (and Hudson).


Obviously Castlevania is the main one here. By which I mean a proper Castlevania, in 2D, which we’ve not had since Mirror of Fate. Bloodstained should have been Castlevania.


I’d also like the GBA/DS games rereleased for the Switch please and thanks. All sorely missing from the recent-ish Castlevania collection.


Similarly, Bomberman. By which I mean a proper Bomberman, in 2D, which we’ve not had since Saturn Bomberman.

Another Lost in Blue and Elebits would be nice too.

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If you haven't done so already, be sure to pick up a PC Engine/Core Grafx Mini, the best mini console by far (currently £80 on Amazon). 


Unbelievable library of ace mainly Hudson output - Bomberman 93 & 94, Panic Bomber, Rondo of Blood, Star Parodier, Soldier Blade, Lords of Thunder, Alien Crush, Air Zonk, Salamander, Gradius II, etc. etc. etc. I can't even remember them all. Classic shmup heaven. 


It's just a shame that some of the more interesting stuff - Momotaro Dentetsu and Snatcher among others, requires some Japanese to get through. 

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So many games on the snes that were great by Konami. 


Bomberman is still one of the weirdest franchises ever, I still don't understand why they don't just release a version where you can choose from full map types and options to setup the kind of games you want. It's one of the absolute best couch multiplayer games. 


And then stuff like that ridiculous gritty version they did and/ or trying to make it a sort of puzzle story game... just strange. 

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1 hour ago, deKay said:

a proper Castlevania, in 2D

as much as I love the 2D Vanias I don't think it has to be in 2D.  A Dark Souls interconnected-world-alike that's a bit easier on the RPG elements and a bit harder on the scripted elements is the way forward I think. Of course they'll never be able to top what FromSoft does, so why bother?


and they've totally squandered Contra - Gears of War ate its lunch. The last good one was what the MegaDrive version?


so many great IPs squandered by poor brand management, man KONAMI used to be so good.

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A compilation of all the Goemon games, or at least a greatest hits kind of package.


But, really, I would simply like Konami to go back to their roots and make arcade-style fast-paced action games with great graphics and music. (Edit: And without the oppressive workplace culture, too.) Probably implausible at this point, though.

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Would love a castlevania in the classic style.


Most look to The Metroidvania style when they think of castlevania but for me, Super Castlevania 4 was the peak of the series. Another in that style would be awesome.


Similar HD Gothic mood, amazing music. Inventive levels, 8 way whip! 

Likewise, a Contra game in the classic style. No fucked up views. Side scrolling shooter.


Like shattered soldier but not as hard!

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I kind if understand their problem with Bomberman, as the original was one of those rare games that arrive so perfectly formed in its debut any sequels that add mechanics, complication, graphical updates ruin things and don't make it any better.


In fact quite the opposite, the Germans have the lovely word 'Verschlimmbesserung' - which translates to making something worse whilst actually trying to make things better.




That is every Bomberman sequel. 

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