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The Artful Escape (PC/Xbox/PS5/Switch)


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Had a delightful hour or so on this. Lovely visuals and sounds... :) Sure at heart it's a platformer but has elements that remind me of the old LucasArts adventure games too... Although no puzzles or objects....at least so far anyway....

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Jesus Christ this is an aural and visual feast isn't it. 


I just want to soak it all up.  Gamepass how do I love thee. Let me count the ways.


If games like this are what MS supports and continues to put out. Then it becomes more than Netflix for games.  


It's a free playable immersive musical art installation. And that's just one of the games this month. Sometimes with all the shit going on in the world and all the stress just existing can bring. Something comes along and just makes you feel good. 



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Started and finished this today and using chapter select to finish up the 2 achievements I missed. 

Absolutely loved it from start to glorious finale. Maybe the most beautiful game I have ever seen, the colour, detail and character design is insane. 

It’s as much of a ‘game’ as Journey or Gris but the overall experience had quite an effect on me.



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I let my 12 year old play it after me, most of the dialogue and jokes go right over his head, but he’s enjoying the spectacle. There’s an early bastard (and I thought a few shits, but could be wrong) and one of the characters makes a deep evil voice, so make your decision based on that.

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Fuck me. 


It's been a long time since I've been so thoroughly enamoured with a game. 


If anyone was watching me, you'd have been able to tell I was excited by the way I was flinging the controller around like the guitar it absolutely, definitely was.


Man, this could well be my game of the year, even at this early stage in the preceeding.



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My lyrical waxing from a whatsapp chat:


Ok played some more.


Remember when you went to see The Lego Movie and you were completely blown away by how wonderously original, witty, charming, good hearted and colourful it was? How did it so many things you never knew could be done in a cartoon or family film? How you wondered how it took so long to get here, to this?


Artful Escape is that, but for videogames.


It's an absolute kaleidoscope of colour, of vibrancy, of bewilderingly good script writing, of the most simplistic gameplay elements mapped to an phenomenal experience but you don't care because it's just brilliant and this is what (some) games should be about.


My brain is doing cartwheels in my head trying to understand what it is and how good it is, and then I go into a new area and it's built, lit and staged in a way I've never ever seen before.


Like; when I played Ghost of Tsushima there is this incredible moment where you ride out of a forest into a field of long grass, and as the wind blows through it your avatar reaches down and brushes his hands through the grass. Married with the 'this is the real game now" music kicking in, it's one of the most perfect gaming moments I've experienced in years. It sent shivers down my spine.


Artful Escape is hitting me with that with almost every screen.


It's the vista shot from BotW, the first colossus, swapping the controller ports to beat the boss, but all the time. I love it. 

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I'm just over half way with this and absolutely loving it.  It presents no real gaming challenge a few jumps here and there and a bit of "Simon" pattern matching.


But its utterly glorious.  The visuals are brain meltingly gorgeous.  The audio is superb - the guitar riffs that play are so so good.


I love the style, the humour and everything about it.  Brilliant!


It's Bill and Ted meets Yellow Submarine.

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