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How do you decide what game to play next?

Jamie John

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1 hour ago, teddymeow said:

So, with Shadow of the Tomb Raider finished I'm back to square one.


Thinking it might be something bright and colourful so Sackboy Adventures is looking good.


Or, I could stay dark and drab and play Control UE.

I'd probably change it up and go for Sackboy, myself. Not that I've actually played it...

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I have a few evergreens on my Now Playing shelf, but apart from that, I just choose a console, then look in the game shelves until something catches my eye.  It's organised as collections of driving, fighting etc, so if I'm in an arcade racer mood, I'll look at that shelf.


Doesn't really apply to really long RPGs and action adventure.  If I'm going to play something like that, I usually decide on the train going home.


The only console for which I have many digital games is the Switch, and for that I look at the list of games in order of total time played, and work up from the bottom until I see something I want to play.


My now playing shelf includes Wii Sports, Forza 7, Forza Horizon 3 and 4, Cricket 19, Tekken 7, Mario 3D All Stars and Capcom Belt Collection as evergreens.  Temporarily there are Ass Creed Odyssey, Formula 1 2019 and Mr.Driller.





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I used to write down all the games I owned and put them in a big tub to pick out one after the other. It worked for a while, but then Humble Bundle and the like happened, I bought too much stuff and it started being a chore to keep it up to date.


Now, I just play what I feel. Usually it's a longish game followed by a handful of smaller ones. Mostly my decisions are influenced by having someone on here or a podcast enthuse about a game. I'm not sure there's anything more than catching my eye at the right time. I very rarely buy a game at launch for its hype but I've mixed it up a little since I got Game Pass last month, though. I've got more games on the go now than I did in the past and I played The Medium at launch for the novelty. Usually it's two or three old games at once at most.

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Up until the xbox one and game pass i would buy 1 game, finish it and then sell it. Usually would have 1 or 2 other multiplayer game (battlefield, Forza, GT) that i would keep a hold of and sell when the new iteration of that franchise came out. 


Now with having Gamepass ultimate for a couple years i struggle to stick with one game and can end up dropping games quickly. But this is something im going to fix and focus my attention on one game. Just finished The Medium and going to focus on finishing Hitman 2 and 3, then Control then Resi 3. 


If i want to work through my backlog then the 30 smaller indie games i have installed on my Series X will need to be deleted, i did start playing a game called Crosscode and it was brilliant but then i looked at the average completion time of 35-40 hours and just thought "I dont have time for this". Its why i generally stay away from RPG's these days. Im tired all the time and cant be arsed playing anything most nights so thinking of investing all that time just puts me off. 

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@Ry I think we can all nod our heads at seeing how long a game is going to take to complete and being put off. I would often spend a while looking through my games and mentally noting how long they would require and deciding I didn't have the energy to make a start. This is why these days I will have at least one other game on the go to not feel my time is sucked up by just one title. Sure, it means it takes longer to complete something (sometimes significantly so) but I do find it easier to play in these little chunks.


Currently I have 3 'big' games on the go in various states: Wasteland 2, The Division and Assassin's Creed Origins - all offer something different so I can decide what type of game I want to play and not get bored and end up playing nothing. I will also mix in the odd indie game too for a change of pace - the itch.io Racial Justice bundle is a goldmine for this - or something with a sub-6/8 hour playtime that I can finish over the course of a week or so.


I actually enjoying Wasteland 2 a lot at the moment so that's been my main focus of late, but I played a bit of Origins last week and started Life is Strange last night and spent an hour or so on my Football Manager 2020 save in the past couple of days too.


This post is essentially 'find a method that works for you' and sticking with it, I know, but I'm also tired all the time and often lack the mental energy to get into a particular genre (e.g. an RPG) - so being able to clear a couple of missions on Origins or The Division maintains progress and isn't too taxing, to the point that last year I completed more games than I've ever done in my life (by quite a distance too). So yeah, it works for me, keeps things fresh and keeps me invested.

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