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2 minutes ago, Colonel Panic said:

I bought a PCB from Raphnet and bodged an SFC controller and GC extension cable for this purpose!

Was that to create your own GC retro pad? Never heard of Raphnet before, but that sounds cool :) 

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Cheer sbud, I'm just having a nose round now, they do new replacement SNES PCB's!! That would have been SOOOOO handy before I had to order a random JPN region game to fix a copy of Super MEtroid, although not sure if they do all the different types of PCB for the carts, I'm only half way down a page 😛

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Definitely when you love to tinker 😛 I've ordered a faulty Pokemon Black on DS, I had some success getting a Diamond brought back to life and managed to glue the cart case back together nicely the other week, so hopefully I can resolve this and make a nice video out of it when it arrives, but going to be doing some proper scouring of Raphnet in the future, as their stuff looks cool for sure.

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2 minutes ago, Azrael said:


WTF, maybe just me but I'm well jealous of what you do. 

I'm being VERY lazy with it of late, but that's just personal stuff getting in the way of the job I guess, nice to know someone likes what I do though :wub: Thank you :)

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2 hours ago, Haribokart said:

I understand why you're not posing here much but I miss your updates in this thread Mike!


No new mad finds uncovered recently, only been to one car boot in the last month also, so not even anything from there!!


1 hour ago, Ninja Doctor said:

He’s probably still working through those car loads of unboxed final fantasy discs. 


There are indeed lots of boxes still to go through, but obviously due to recent ( sort of not any more, it's been over a month ) events, I've been lazy as fuck on the work front, stuck the shop on holiday settings for 3 weeks and only this week have I been back selling full time, listing has nose dived, I've been working for the company next door also, and taking plenty of time for myself, Wing Surfing, a FEstival, Party on Felixstowe Pier ( which has now resulted in me getting a DJ slot at the next one on the 25th ) and some how popping into the local on Tuesday for a half, ended up with the barman getting out the acoustic and us having a jam, me singing along and now I've been told I am singing some songs at a party they are holding there Saturday for the owners daughters, Uni leaving do.... how I've gone from ONLY sorting through games and stuff to doing all kinds of mad shit is baffling!!


Don't worry @Haribokart, normal service of random stuff will resume shortly, I just need to find the enthusiasm to do it :) 


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