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Board gaming expenditure 2021

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Picked up the last two standalone Arkham Horror LCG scenarios from eBay tonight which means I’ve got all of them( or have them on the way ), all that is apart from Barkham Horror which is ludicrously expensive & apparently will never be reprinted. 

Shame I don’t speak German, as there’s one I could buy for £16. :(


AH LCG Scenarios ~£145

AH LCG Core £30

AH LCG Complete Dunwich Expansion £87


Total £262


All funded by selling loads of stuff from my loft, so nowhere near as bad as it looks. 

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Add 1 Doom for starting to realise how expensive the Arkham rabbit hole goes. :lol:


Thankfully I joined this thread long after starting collecting AH, so I try not to think about how much I've spent on everything that's been release to date.  And how much I'll keep spending, as I love the game to bits.



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10 minutes ago, Spatial said:

Add 1 Doom for starting to realise how expensive the Arkham rabbit hole goes. :lol:


Thankfully I joined this thread long after starting collecting AH, so I try not to think about how much I've spent on everything that's been release to date.  And how much I'll keep spending, as I love the game to bits.



It’s not so bad now, I figure, as I can spread out the remaining expansion cycles, plus I understand they do reprint those so I don’t need to panic buy anything ( forgotten age box is basically out of stock everywhere so I assume that must be on the way soon-ish ).

And I guess that’s birthday & Christmas covered for the foreseeable too!! :lol:

The real rabbit hole is that this could be the start of a ‘board gaming phase’ in general, as I’ve also got Too Many Bones on the way, plus I’ve backed the Marvel United Kickstarter so things could get real expensive, real quick. :ph34r:

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Picked up a Cloudspire bundle from eBay for £245 delivered after watching the start of a solo play through on YouTube to get a good idea of how it plays. 

Comes with main game, plus the upgrade pack, all expansions, first set of miniatures & the scenario / lore books. The main game has been played a couple of times but all the stuff from the second campaign is still sealed. 

As long as it’s all in mint condition, it’s a pretty good price as it would be about 320 to buy it all new from Chip Theory’s website. 

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Total so far this year: £1,253.39


Praga Caput Regni Folded Space insert £15

Cantaloop 1 £21

Amul £ 16

La Stanza £30

Terra Mystica App £8.39 + expansion £3.49

Subtotal: £93.88


Grand total:£1347.27


Backed My Father's Work and the expansion for Dominations on KS as well.


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Well this has been an expensive month, granted its largely been down to Marvel United X-Men and the things I've been wanting for a while coming back in stock (AFfO Norwegians, New York Zoo and Spirit Island Jagged Earth).


I'm really going to try take a break for a while, feel quite content at the moment and nothing I'm desperate to pick up, only thing on my list that's constantly been out of stock forever is Potion Explosion so I guess if that came back in stock I'd pick that up. Not terribly much on KS I fancy either other than Isle of Cats expansions. I've got a few decisions to make on games I've backed at a dollar (Chai tea for two, My Fathers Work, Eternal Palace and ICE off the top of my head) and a couple pledge managers due, Robinson Crusoe and Canvas Reflections.


I've not included my hotel costs for UKGE but suppose it is a board game expense so wasn't sure if I should or not.



Reykholt £24.57 Amazon
Gamora Marvel Champions Preorder £14.28 delivered Gameslore
Agricola 5 - 6 player expansion £8.27 delivered Zatu
Marvel United Xmen KS £442.43

Marvel United delivery and vat £132.92
Transmissions KS £38.91

Transmissions delivery $17 (£12)
Underwater cities £35 Rllmuk
Canvas expansion KS $35 (£25.50)
My Fathers Work $1 (£0.71)
A feast for Odin expansion and New York Zoo £52.64 Dice and Decks
500 mayday sleeves £22.28 Gameslore
Spirit Island Jagged Earth £48.98 Zatu delivered
Exit the forbidden Castle and exit the forgotten island £7.22 Amazon
Tabletop gaming mag (for king of tokyo promo) £5.99
Ice KS $1 (£0.71)

May total £846.20

Year to date - £2703.51

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- Crokinole Board and 2x extra sets of pieces £236.97

- Root £49

- Root: Clockwork £33

- Root: Riverfolk £33

- Root: Underworld (Kickstarter Edition): £50

January Total: £401.97


February (Pre-Orders):

- Cartographers Heroes £20.50

- Cartographers Map Pack 1 £9

- Cartographers Map Pack 2 £9

- Cartographers Map Pack 3 £9

February Total: £47.50


- GeeknSon Coffee Table and Accessories £2110

April Total: £2110(!)

The result of years of desire, restraint, and a touch of saving.



- Nemesis £109

- Nemesis: Carnomorphs £47.50

- Nemesis: Void Seeders £47.50

- Nemesis: Medic £17.57

May Total: £221.57


Grand Total So Far: £2,733.57

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Mays seems to have been a long month in this respect.  



Forest of Radgost extras £23

7th Citadel extras £19

Hexpore Vol IV + expansion + Vol 1 storybook + new encounter cards £122 (excellent value for money imo)

Sleeping Gods and expansion (retail) £105  (candidate for resale after completion, so have laminated the achievements sheet)

Ad 1666 expansion KS £48           )

Hoplomachum Victorium KS £84   ) these two came from nowhere and were over in a week or so - excited to see automata version will be included for 1666, my extraordinary skirmish game, and HV is a solo game and CTG are always rock solid quality wise

Fantasy Realms and expansion £30 (superb)

Chronicles of crime 1400 £25

ISS Vanguard extras £18

Miniquest adventures KS £21

Imperium Legends £25 


Day ticket for Expo £15


Total £535

Cumulative total £1,474


So, an expensive month but all solid in terms of core interest (apart from annoying KS post etc). 


Sales: - here and eBay (thanks guys!) around £450, net of postage


Cumulative net totals circa £1,024


Commitments for June:

None (other than remaining KS extras)

Expected June pre-orders - Michael Menzel's Robin Hood and Destinies

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May (and some I missed from April)


My Haul Of Cthulhu: (All CoC books)


Pulp Cthulhu £26.99

Two Headed Serpent £29.19

Cold Fire Within £23.26

Down Darker Trails £29.23

Shadows Over Stillwater £24.99

The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos £24.66

Beyond The Mountains Of Madness $50 + The Malleus Monstrorum Keeper Deck $15 + shipping ~ £49


Some Board Games from Amazon:


Crew: The Quest For Planet Nine £12.79

Big Money £4.47

The King Is Dead: Second Edition £15.69


Total for May (and April's missed ones):  £239.70


Total for year £640.  Ouch.

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10 hours ago, jonnyalpha said:

Pictures of the table please. A dedicated games table is on our list but it'll be a while before we're in a position to get it. 

Another 4-5 months before it’s delivered, but absolutely will post some.

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Catching up to do:




Nothing - YAY!




Flamme Rouge - £36.50 (Paid over £6 more than Amazon to play it same day, and then didn't round around to it for almost a week!  Supported a local store in the process though)

Die of the Dead - Via Kickstarter so already paid for.


Total for May: £36.50



Flamme Rouge: Peloton - £25.98 (Only bought this so soon as I read that the game isn't as fun for two players due to the lack of cyclists)

MicroMacro: Crime City - Confidence Trick & Baby Party Bonus Cases, Camel Up: The Referee Camel and The Quest for El Dorado: Promo Pack - 15.46


Total for June so far: £41.44


Year so far: £530.40

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I've backed the Tussie Mussie expansion on Kickstarter for $26.00 and just preordered the Carcassonne 20th Anniversary edition despite having the original release and multiple expansions lying unplayed for years now, for £43.59.

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7 wonders second edition - £30

7 wonders leaders - £16

6 nimmt - £9

Camel up second edition - £30



My City - £27

Linkee - £6


Total - £118


Really happy with my collection so not buying much at all nowadays.

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