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NYPD Blue to finish


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Aren't we a couple of seasons behind on NYPD Blue anyway?

Yeah, we're on season 9 at the moment.

I love NYPD Blue but I keep forgetting to watch it as it is midnight as I miss last two program 

I'm not sure why it's Channel 4 dump it in such a shite timeslot, incidentally you can catch reruns on the new "FX" Sky Channel.

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Holy thread bump! I loved this show originally, and despite all the new stuff we have piling up, my wife and I have just started a complete re-run of this via Disney+, and we are totally loving it. It’s been cleaned up and looks fantastic, it’s in widescreen and it still really holds up. Dennis Franz is totally amazing in his short sleeved shirts tuning up “little turds”.

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