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2 hours ago, Indy @ S.E. said:

How comes you saw it this early, is it on the high seas?

Screener through work. All the other ones I’ve watched recently are out next few weeks, so wouldn’t have felt as bad/risky if G Vs K was the same.


Think anyone who took anything from Skull Island or King of the Monsters will have a fun time with this :)

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This doesn’t affect me because I loved both of those, but Skull Island is probably the one that is actually a great movie, as opposed to my specific kind of trash. So clarification would be wise’

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Serious answer. Spoiler light but y’know just in case:



It’s light-hearted in the human subplots like Skull Island, eg cast are leaning into the set-up earnestly but also not too self-consciously so the tone is lighter.


That is married to the spectacle of KotM in the grander-than-Skull-Island-set-pieces and the world building. Albeit with tighter editing.

Appreciate those are two different films but GvK does a decent job of straddling what makes each film tick.

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It's never occurred to me before, but all I'm thinking now is whether the Empire State can support a giant ape hanging off it like that. Would the top just snap off? Maybe we'll find out. Can't wait!

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I watched the exceptional Godzilla vs King Ghidorah (1991)  last night and I wonder why they even bother making this boring CGI shit. Rubber suits or fuck off. 

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1 hour ago, SeanR said:

funkopop just spoiled some of the movie hinted at up thread with a FB posting :facepalm:

That comes as no surprise to me whatsoever.


Parts of him / it were shown in the original Japanese Trailer. 


Not really feeling that design if i'm honest. 



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