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On 17/01/2021 at 10:50, Harsin said:

It can't be worse than King of the Monsters.


What a wretched film. I honestly struggled not to nod off during it.

It did have a couple of nice shots in it though. And I loved when all the people were getting ripped up off the ground by the flying baddie.

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I’m looking forward to this but have seen some spoiler pics from a toy fair where they where showing off related toys to movie so can now kinda guess what the basic plot will be



Godzilla and Kong go Mano o Mano for some reason... maybe kong didnt answer Godzilla call at the end of the last movie.... then mechagodzilla shows up (this is what the toy spoiler was)  kong / zilla put there differences aside (prob turns out there mothers had the same name) and team up to take out mechagodzilla (one will prob sacrifice himself to save the other - prob kong as Godzilla has more franchise potential) 


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I watched King of the Monsters in that crazy 4DX screen thing at Cineworld, where the row of 4 seats is set up on hydraulics and you get flung around depending on whats happening on screen. Also had things like water spray and random air blasts. Made the film way more enjoyable that it would've been watching it on a normal seat. 


I do tend to leave it running in the background when its on Sky Movies, an easy thing to dip into. It does look and sound amazing, especially when you crack the sub up to 11.


Will watch and enjoy this film for what it will be, shame that it won't be on the funky seats again though. 



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I’m going to love this. It doesn’t really matter if it’s good by any reasonable measure.


The humans will be mostly pointless and their plot will be dumb.


But it’s monsters. They’ll smash things up. And I’ll enjoy that.


The only thing that might worry me is when it turns out to be 2 and a half hours long because it’s a modern blockbuster. So I’ll take a piss break whilst some humans are chatting about pointless shit and return for shit being smashed.

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2 hours ago, Capwn said:

After watching that trailer, it feels like I've watched the entire movie!


Apart from why Godzilla is now a heel.

Or who the third act villain is.

And possible (likely) Mecha Godzilla reveal.


Or is this some Canadian Trolling you're doing?


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