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Pro clubs Fifa 2021


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Yeah it's been good, better now that we are regularly getting at least 3 on, Jamin mentioned Fennas is trying to get a ps5 so he can jump back in with us as well as Vinnie which would be good.


Would be nice to see an appearance by @Theholyhoggevery now and again too ^_^


It has been quite a while since we've seen more than a couple of people playing, I think the last game there was no one left on clubs?

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48 minutes ago, Theholyhogg said:

Maybe @Luseth.ive been doing weekend league for the last 3 months and ive lost my love for the game and have been enjoying my weekends not playing fifa :lol:   


The weekend league would do that to any sane person.


clubs is as much about hanging out as well ^_^

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I’ll play providing that @tomakasatnav cunt is still on the other side of the world and unable to join due to problematic time-zone differences and shit communal WiFi within his 3 million inhabitant apartment block.


P.S. Haven’t posted on a public forum for quite some time.  Unsure if it’s currently frowned upon to call people cunts, mock their time zones or imply that their living chambers are experiencing occupancy issues which may or may not be impacting their internet performance in an adverse manner.

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