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Pro clubs Fifa 2021


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10 hours ago, gooner4life said:

Great fun tonight lads, some really tight games, probably the most balanced clubs has been for a long time.


Yeah it was good fun, there were a couple of moments but not so many saft moments compared to the past few releases. I mean it's not perfect but just the fact they have spent some time on the game mode again having left it alone for years is a big plus.


I think i'm jumping on with Matt again this evening if anyone fancies another session ^_^

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36 minutes ago, hannay said:

Ah I see. Can't find a PS5 anywhere unfortunately. Would love to join the Pro Clubs, so will keep an eye out for one. 


I've got the PS4 version installed on my PS5 as well, other's may well have, so we might be able to have a session on the PS4 version at some point

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You could literally feel the tension through the headset, the silence as we all concentrated trying to end the evening on a high note :D Everytime talk started about retro games and we just got too distracted to play ^_^


We have to be careful here, with so many people wanting to play again we are in danger of bringing back thursday night games :D


That game when Kris disappeared and pretty much every shot we had went in :D


I won't be on this evening but if people are about tomorrow night I can be on :)



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Proper fun, its nice to play something different. Chatting about random 90s games and wrestling lose 4-0. Kris goes to the shop we are silent and 4 up in 30 mins :lol: 

Good stuff ill prob be very late tonight so best play tomorrow evening. 


edit: I much prefer the more relaxed approach of chatting playing. My neck doesnt hurt as much leaning over concentrating! 

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10 minutes ago, sbrandon111 said:

I fancy a bit of this - stevie-b111


Do i create my player within this mode or is it carried over from an offline mode?


You create it and then you build up the stats as you play games :) I'll add you in a little bit and get you added to the psn group ^_^

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8 minutes ago, sbrandon111 said:

Awesome :) thanks. What positions are we looking to fill? I'm not very fancy with the skill moves so defence might be my forte

To be honest we just jump in and play and chat so wherever you feel comfortable :)

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