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Pro clubs Fifa 2021


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So i'm kicking up a new thread for this as there have actually been some positive changes at last, to a game mode that has largely been left alone since FUT took off.


So these might be only a bit trivial but -


  • You can customise each of your ai teammates, so you can change appearances and names so all of sudden you have a team rather than a bunch of randoms each game!
  • The option is now around for custom tactics, playing as any last night I really noticed the difference, being able to play with tactics I might use in FUT makes a big difference if you play with an any. Being able to set your full backs to stay back and defend or encouraging players to overlap.


Now I know this is late coming but I've only just got a few people to start playing it again, and these are minimal changes but I wonder if we have gotten to the point where EA aren't just going to ignore clubs every year. I wonder if we'll see improvements (however small) each year from now on?

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I'll join! Not been enjoying the 1v1 in FUT as much lately and my team is pretty much maxed out at this point, need to mix it up abit!


Some interesting changes there, should make the game more palatable with the addition of instruction. The other change will make for some appalling looking opposition line ups now doubt. :lol:

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@Steely i've added you to the ps group so you can see when we jump on ^_^


@tenrou i'm not sure I have you added, i'll check, if I don't is your psn just tenrou?


27 minutes ago, Timmo said:

So are 5ft tall goalkeepers with afros out? Bad news in my opinion.

Not sure on the afros, I'll have a look this evening :D I know I'm running round with pink hair still!

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7 minutes ago, tenrou said:

R0d1mus_ for psn I think.  I'm not sure if it has the underscore on psn or pc :)


There is one of each on psn so i've added both, let me know if I've added you or 2 random people :D It is a zero and not an O isn't it?

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29 minutes ago, sbrandon111 said:

I'd need to get better at Fifa first, i'm genuinely terrible. Division 8 material.

Genuinely wouldn't matter, i've been on with Kris quite a bit and our results fluctuate a lot, one game we can get beat 3-1 and the next beat someone 5-0 as happened last time we were on :D It's just a much less stressful way of taking on fifa than the likes of FUT and there can be plenty of funny moments. I scored one the other day because their keeper kicked the ball out too quick, hit the back of their defender and dropped down for me to tap in :D

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Such endless possibilities!


Stone Cold - midfield enforcer

Triple H - The second midfield enforcer who is capable of picking a pass

Shuan Micheals - goal poacher

Rick Flair - Creative midfield

Ultimate Warrior - in Goal (Channeling his inner monk.)

Bret Hart - as the experienced full back

Hulk Hogan - CB alongside Undertaker, just so we can have a guy with the mullet and tash combo really.


Not that I have gave it much thought like. :unsure:


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It isn't possible to cross play I dont think (could be wrong though), but we can install the ps4 version on the ps5 so if there's a demand for reverting back to the ps4 version of the game i'm happy too ^_^ The next gen version isn't vastly superior in my opinion.

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@Steely I started with the players, bit more limited than we'd like in terms of customisation. For some reason height, weight etc is locked away. The options for creating Hulk Hogan are limited :D I'm not so good at getting the look right so I need your input for this :D


Have set you as a manager too now ^_^


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45 minutes ago, gooner4life said:

I love the fact that you guys are geeky enough to do this so i dont have to :lol:

Haha, that's one of the things I always enjoyed about clubs, it's just so much less serious and a nice change of pace compared to FUT. It's good when you win but I don't get so annoyed if I don't.


Setting up the players is a nice addition even if it is just a novelty for donuts like us :D

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