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Last 3 films you watched


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Shaun of the Dead - amazing. Best proper zombie movie this year.

Dawn of the Dead - bit crap. Ideas from 28 Days Later just dont work in a REMAKEof a classic zombie movie.

Welcome to the Jungle - I really enjoyed it. Rock is definently gonna be the new Arnie of action movies. Sean William Scott was just his usual self :o

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Hired a bunch of films over Easter, the last 3 -

Final Destination 2: Really enjoyed it, wasn't expecting htat much, but a good fun movie with some great over thetop death scenes

Master and Commander: Didn't really like it, was ok. I think the problem was that I didn't understand tha background of the movie that much - i.e that period in history. Was mostly confused about why half the officers were under the age of 14 ?

Cypher: Got it on a recommendation and didn't know anything about it, really enjoyed it's twists, turns and double crosses. Possibly too many twists - but still very enjoyable.

Must just give speicla mentioned to the other film I watched which was "Touching the Void" a documentery film with some dramatized reenactments about 2 climbers climbing a mountain in a fairly remote part of Peru. Obviously disaster strikes, but it's a really good watch, and pretty nail biting stuff.

I seem to be the only person who didn't get Lost in Translation, and I didn't get it at all, made no sense to me, ended up hating it.

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Last three (DVD I am afraid) would probably be:

Welcome to the Jungle. Enjoyable Action movie. The Rock if anything is a better actor in the genre than Arnie (who at least gets a cameo)... then thats just my opinion.

Master and Commander. Good but not brilliant. Some superb cannonball effects on the soundtrack. DTS!

Kill Bill Vol. 1... Region 3. Typically over the top Tarantino. Very "cartoony"... fortunately. I enjoyed it. Good(ish) DTS audio track. Just hope the Japanese version will be worth it as a replacement.

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Cabin fever ~ Got this after Hoop and quite a few others absolutely slated it, and well, I think it's great. ;)

They Live ~ Not bad early-ish film from carpenter, can't touch the thing, escape or Assault though.

Evil dead 2 ~ Seen it about 100 times and draws with Dawn of the dead, Fight club and The thing as my all time favourite film. So yeah, aces.

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