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Last 3 films you watched


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School Of Rock Very funny, excellent tunes, the kids are believable and Joan Cusack is at her usual best.

The Sweetest Thing 3 good looking women wearing not much and talking dirty. Perfectly acceptable way of wasting 2 hours.

Spy Who Loved Me Best Bond Film ever. Best car, Best intro. Nuth said.

Looking forward to the Battlestar Galactica remake on Sky tomorrow night, Spiderman 2, Day After Tomorrow and that Jude Law one filmed entirely with Green Screen.

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Monster - Charlize Theron was brialliant, mvie was good enough but its worth going to see just for Theron's transformation

Aileen - Life and Death of a serial killer - If you see Monster, then make sure you see this.

Cheaper by the Dozen - Why do they still let Martin make movies? This film sux, you'll leave and wan to book yourself in for a vasectomy straight afterwards

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The Dreamers - beautiful and compelling story about...well...dreamers

Fletch - Not as funny I remember (not funny at all) and how did i not see before what a total beverly hills cop ripoff it is. Right down to the soundtrack

Infernal Affairs 2 - just brilliant. You have to see the first one to understand it, but this series will be considered classics in a few years time. Sublime and captivating.

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erm, on the plane to and from toronto.

Lost in translation -Great film. Bill Murray is superb, great story too nice slow paced story makes a change to the usual hollywood all non-stop action films.

Matrix revolutions- Good but not great film, much better than the second but still nowhere near the greatness of the first film. Will probably still buy all three (hopefully) if they release a boxset.

School of Rock-it not a crap film but I didn't find it funny at all. Just annoying. Probably see it again as I wasn't really paying attention to it.

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Pitch Black: Finally got round to watching the DVD I'd had for two years. Still as brilliant as ever. Was surprised at how good the surround sound was, put bigger budget releases to shame.

Freddy vs Jason: Not bad. Final confrontation was great.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Fan-fucking-tastic.

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The Killers- old film with Lee Marvin with another guy as two bad ass hitmen who think they're onto a winner. Ronald Reagan is a baddy in it which is priceless. Very dated but amusing nonetheless.

The Last Samurai- I loved it. I realise it's no classic and if I was in a different mood I might have thought it was a load of pap. Brilliantly shot and manages to avoid a couple of cliches. 'A pumping powerhouse of a movie.' Sorry; I just had to write that somewhere.

Straw Dogs- first time I'd seen it and I loved it. Pure Peckinpah really. I thought the final siege was fantastic; I really was 'on the edge of my seat'. 'A real nail biter'. Sorry. Again.

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Saw three films over the weekend of varying goodness:

Mona Lisa Smile: Didn't really know what to expect from it but it turned out to be a rather splendid film. Obviously any film with Julia Roberts, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst in it is going to have some perks; however, even past the obvious this was still a rather excellent film. It was also quite difficult for a soppy bastard like me to hold back the tears at the end. Funny, moving, well acted, good story and interesting view of women's lives/expectations in the 1950s.

Pirates of the Caribbean: I seem to remember hearing that without Johnny Depp this would have been a pretty dull film - well, I'd go along with that. Luckily Depp was in it though which made it a mildly enjoyable film but nothing great. A few plot holes though in my opinion and an annoying part where Depp magically manages to slip a chain through a rope after sliding down it.

Goodbye Lenin: Absolutely brilliant. I think it's probably the best film I've seen of late, and I've seen some good ones. Great idea for a story and pulled off well, well acted, the little baby/toddler is brilliant and Lara is so pretty she's worth watching the film for alone. A really great film.

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annoying part where Depp magically manages to slip a chain through a rope after sliding down it.

Wrong. You weren't watching closely enough.

He loops the chain over and grabs with both hands. The shot is very clear.

I've never known a film accused of so many non-existant plot holes\mistakes. For an action film the plot is rather clever and pretty consistent.

Davenport being promoted to 'Commodore' is a lazy mistake though.

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In reverse order we have:

ROBOCOP (Directors Cut) - Really enjoyed it, especially for the pre-ER turn of that one-armed helicopter-prone surgeon as Emil the incredible melting man.

THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS - Of no consequence whatsoever.

RED BEARD - Compelling study of a nineteenth-century medical clinic by Kurosawa. The usual immaculate composition and measured pace. Very interesting.

As for the whole Matrix thing, I would've been less disappointed by Reloaded if Joel Silver hadn't gone on and on about how they 'removed the bar' concerning the special effects, only to be presented with some crappy digital Keanu fight. They should've kept the whole fight with the real actors (and face replacement stuntmen) as it was great until the CGI stuff started.

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Wrong.  You weren't watching closely enough.

He loops the chain over and grabs with both hands.   The shot is very clear.

I clearly needed SKY+ so I could rewind and watch it again.

When he landed and then just kept on running my girlfriend and I just looked at each other and thought (and said) something like "eh? how'd he manage that". I guess that makes sense though as otherwise it wouldn't have made sense how he'd managed to get on at the topeither. I'm sure his hands were in the wrong position whilst sliding though - damn if only I could watch it again (for free).


The bit that annoyed me most though was all the people who unnecessarily died on the boat just for the sake of saving Will from having his throat cut - innocent victims are a standard dislike of mine with most action films though. I just couldn't work out what Jack's plan was supposed to achieve though - other than saving Will.

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War of the Worlds (1952?) - Pure class sci-fi action. Special effects are definitely good for the era, but despite this being the film's most talked about feature it is still an enjoyable film.

Citizen Kane (1940) - Not sure what I thought of this one. Wasn't too sure what the point in it all was. It was quite enjoyable but no where near the classic status it seems to hold with many people.

True Romance - Pure class. Written by Tarantino and it shows. A whole raft of famous actors, a good script, involving story. One of the best film's I've watched in a while.

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Animal Factory - Decent enough stab at a fairly limited genre, prison movies. Not a great deal of plot or character development though, directed by Steve Buscemi and not as sad as his great 'Trees Lounge'.

Once Upon A Time In Mexico - Not sure if it's really meant to be styled like a Leone movie as I was too busy trying to figure out the point behind what was going on. Like someone else said it has Depp in style and abundance.

Finding Nemo - Great, just great.

I would have walked out of Reloaded but I'm a skinflint and a masochist. :unsure:

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MASH: Surprisingly subdued but still funny and crazy look at Korean War. Maybe it's because I'd seen 20 years of MASH TV series repeats beforehand?

Calendar Girls: Enjoyable Brit romp. Very good

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Came to it with low expectations, but was pleasantly surprised. Watched the DVD twice in two days and enjoyed it both times. A good handling of fantastical characters in a realisticly fantastical world. Connery was his usual self, and the other characters relaly contributed to a varied league.....muchos enjoyable...

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Starsky & Hutch - I went in expecting dross like 'Charlie's Angels'. I was quite pleasantly surprised. It's a fun and fairly enjoyable film.

Goodbye Lenin - I enjoyed this immensely. A really good idea and a fantastic film. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Confidence- Overcomplicated, poor sound quality and a bit crap really.

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The New Guy Expecting an average teen flick after reading some pretty dreadful reviews. But I found it funny, entertaining and just the right length so that it did not outstay its welcome. Well worth watching.

Die Another Day I really disliked this film at the cinema. It seemed to be more of a pastiche of previous Bond films that a real film. But watching it on dvd the the cgi is slightly more convincing (but still not in keeping with a Bond film IMO) and much more entertaining when you know what it going to happen. Still not a patch on Goldeneye or Tomorrow Never Dies though.

erm, I can't actually remember the third film I watched recently. Too much time spent playing games.

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At the cinema...

21 Grams

Got a bit of a knocking around these parts but I thought it was fantastic. Didn't have high hopes either (I thought Amores Perros was more than a little overrated). Watts was good, Penn was good, Del Toro was ace. One of those films that you try and figure out during a bout of insomnia.

House of Sand and Fog

Wouldn't normally go see this kind of thing, but I felt the need to make up my UGC Unlimited Card monthly quota. Fucking depressing and a little over the top towards the end. I also found Jennifer's relationship with that police fellow a little hard to swallow; the film doesn't seem to span much more time than a month and yet it's like they've known each other for decades.

The Dreamers

Bit bollocks to be honest. I was far more interested in the history parts and the film references than the story.

At home...

Donnie Darko

Seen it a couple of times now, but noticed on this viewing that I haven't a clue what is going on (I did have a theory, but close inspection revealed it to be bollocks). Doesn't stop it from being a great film though (Lynch, possibly my favourite director/screenwriter, confuses me on a regular basis).

Blade Runner

Shockingly, this was the first time I had seen it. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't as stellar as I expected. During the film my dad tells me he once wrote an essay on the arcitecture for his degree (in art and arcitecture). Spent the rest of the film looking at the buildings.

12 Monkeys

Love it. Gilliam is a legend. Pitt is a legend. I love the whole idea of those we regard as insane, actually telling the truth. And the "I'm not really from outer space you know" line gets me every time.

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Zatoichi Beat Kitano plays a blind samurai, silly stuff but very fun and has a style all of its own. Shit cgi effects but swordplay is well done and has great characters.

Innocence (GitS2) Waited 6 years for this and was not disappointed, simply amazing but it will piss a lot of people off because it is not like the first film.

LotR: RotK We had to wait 2 months longer than the rest of the world to get this but it was worth the wait, fantastic film that must be experienced in the cinema. Best film I have seen in a long time and one that truly lived up to the hype.

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Passion of the Christ

Some bits work really well, some bits dont. Overall, it was good and actually quite moving. It really is as violent as they say too.

The Man In The White Suit

Classic Ealing comedy. A friend had just got it, and I hadnt seen it for years. It's as good as I remember it being.

Encounters Of The Spooky Kind

Sammo Hung kung fu flick. Not enough action in it, until the last 30 mins where it's almost all fighting. Needed to be spread out more, but has some truely excellent fights in it.

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Last Action Hero

Perhaps not as good as True Lies but certainly up there in being Arnie doing comedy well. Plenty of neat movie touches, some that you might well miss, and everything's so deliciously and knowingly over the top that it all adds up to a great film.

Starsky & Hutch

Good but not great. I like Stiller and Wilson though, so it definitely works in my favour.

Police Story

Being really tired meant I had to watch it dubbed instead of subtitled, but in ways that added to the kung-fu of it all. A lovely film, with still some of the best stuntwork out there.

Or in here.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thought I'd dig this old thread up again.

Spirited Away: Fantastically amazing. I'd never seen an Anime film before (or any Japanese film for that matter) and was completely swept away by this. I now have 2 more of his films on the way from Play.

Dark Water: Brilliant. Really scary - with the music adding so much to this. A fantastic film.

Baise-moi: I knew someone had mentioned this film on the forum, if only I had remembered what they had said. Incredibly violent and explicit. Easily the most shocking film I've ever seen. In a way I'm glad I watched it, and I did actually think it was a good film, but I don't think I'm going to be able to, or want to, sit through it again.

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