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Are PS5 / Xbox Series the most botched console launches ever?


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15 hours ago, mikeyl said:

Fair, ok. But did anyone here, who really really wanted a console when they announced them, not get a console?


edit @Popo

I’ve only really tried since launch day but found it impossible. I’ve got a PS5 into a few shopping baskets but it’s always disappeared before I checked out. If I’d pre-ordered, I may well have got one - but trying to get one since launch has been impossible no matter how much effort you put in. I’m not convinced they’ll be generally available until well after Easter.

I remember hearing Sony doing something weird with Pre-orders like only offering them to limited numbers of people who were worthy enough fans - was that actually true?

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I pre-ordered on launch day as did my son neither supplier has been able to fulfil those orders, what's annoyed me is seeing suppliers out the still able to offer stock at varying intervals since launch when some suppliers have had back orders since launch day. 


I know for both of the suppliers I've used Sony have been next to useless in providing them stock information despite promising the on launch day that pre-ordered would be fulfilled by Christmas


I just want my PS5 ☹️




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1 hour ago, Down by Law said:


I know this sounds daft but give the fins a bit of a squeeze. Mine suddenly made a really loud vibrating sort of sound while watching a film and as I grabbed it to inspect , that pressure on the fins stopped it. May be the plates shaking loose? Either way it's super quiet again now. 

I'm going to try that but it's been exactly this level of noisy since first booting it up. Only while playing games. It's no big deal, it's not like a Dreamcast or anything, it's mostly the expectations set beforehand by the journos and by my Series X a week earlier being indeed whisper quiet. I now know not to play on PS5 late at night with the kid and tge missus asleep, and that's fine since I also have a Series X and PC to choose from.

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3 hours ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

PS5 launched with a bunch of awesome and impressive exclusives. The Series launched without one standout system seller, but the transition from the old to the new console is the most impressive I've ever seen: sign in and your customized dash is there, all your old saves going back multiple generations are just magically there, and your old games look like they've been remastered - in terms of actual good stuff to play the Series has a shitload more than any new console I've ever bought on day one before, my backlog ludicrous.


I'm not sure I’d agree with the PS5 having “a bunch” of great exclusives (excluding a genuinely excellent freebie in Astro's Playroom, isn’t the Demon's Souls remake the only one?) but the rest of what you are saying, yeah. Truth be told, I think I find the PS5 more fun to use, it has Sony's best controller (I just hope reports of the adaptive triggers breaking aren’t indicative of a widespread issue) and feels 'new' but the Series X has the advantages you mention along with Microsoft's studios properly updating existing games for the Series X/S, with which the perfunctory backwards compatibility for almost every Sony PS4 game just cannot compare.




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