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Sonic the Hedgehog prototype

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An early prototype of Sonic the Hedgehog has been discovered and released on Hidden Palace: https://hiddenpalace.org/News/Dreams_Come_True:_Sonic_1_(MD)_Prototype


This is the version with things like Robotnik's wrecking ball being used as an obstacle in Green Hill, "UFO's" in Marble Garden and Sonic punching the air when you jump after hitting the sign post. These were shown in early screenshots and even featured in the background of Wayne's World!


The next issue of Retro Gamer is going to have a feature about the discovery of it.









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This is really cool.  I remember looking at all of the previews of Sonic in magazines like Mean Machines and those flyers that came in Genesis releases.  So to finally be able to play the version with the ufos in Marble Zone and the wrecking ball in Green Hill Zone will be interesting.  This first thing I noticed on the YouTube video is the snare drum sample in the music sounds different, it’s better quality but less snappy than the released version.


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