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The RLLMUK Game of the Year Awards 2020 - Currently Showing: The Game of the Year!


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5 minutes ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

Most WTF of 2020



Disaster Report 4 – I have fond memories of the first Disaster Report on the old PlayStation 2, a gloriously original videogame in which you have to escape a Japanese city during an earthquake. There are no aliens or monsters or Giant Enemy Crabs or whatever – it’s just you against the environment. There’s a duck button to brace yourself if the ground starts to shake, but if buildings start to collapse, you better run like hell. Along the way there’s room for human drama of course, and there are lite survival elements like having to drink water to keep hydrated – which was less of a problem in part two, in which you have to survive a flood.


I was disappointed when the third game turned out to be a PSP exclusive never released outside Japan, and further disappointment followed when part four on the PlayStation 3 was cancelled because its release coincided with an actual real-life major earthquake in Japan.


But, in a rare moment of actual good news in 2020, Disaster Report 4’s development was resumed on PlayStation 4 *and* it was actually released over here, translated and everything. I had a lot of fond memories of the first game, so I was very excited about this. Bought the game day one and despite it looking like a slightly polished up clunky PlayStation 2 title, it started well enough with a few tremors to navigate – but soon it all came tumbling down and in typical 2020 fashion, Disaster Report 4’s arrival wasn’t all that welcome after all.


Suffice to say that pretty soon all the tremors and actual quaking just stopped. The second half of the game is completely focused on the human drama side of things, with you walking through various destroyed neighbourhoods and talking to survivors. Which sounds like a great premise with loads of potential, but alas the only thing more clunky than its graphics is the writing. The human drama doesn’t work at all and boiled down to completing fetch quest after fetch quest.


And yet I wanted to give this game a shout out in the Rllmuk 2020 GotY Awards.


I suspect Disaster Report 4 isn’t good enough to be included in anyone's Game of the Year top 5, but also not notable enough to pop up in most disappointing. So it falls to me to do right by this game, because it deserves to be remembered for one thing: the most surreal moment in a game in 2020. Or, as I like to call it:  “Mr. Gerbik’s Official What The Actual Fuck OH MY LOL Award Of 2020”. Or, after consulting with the Goty editors, the “Most WTF Of 2020 award”.


In one of the many quests in the second half of the game, the mayor of the local town shows up to reward you.  He says he’ll give you anything you want. A big list of choices pops up and among the more normal options like ‘money’ and  ‘food’, you can also ask him to change the game’s title. That’s right, the actual title of the game you’re playing. While Disaster Report 4 does revel in its own absurdity right from the start, this was breaking the fourth wall in a way I totally didn’t see coming. Of course I chose to change the title of the game.


The mayor was stunned that I asked for such a thing, but belatedly agrees since he did promise me anything I wanted. I can’t remember all the title choices I had, but I do remember that I chose ‘Disaster Report 5’. And from that point onwards all the loading screens and save game logos said ‘Disaster Report 5’. Not the actual title screen sadly, which was a missed opportunity, but it was still hilarious. We need more games that dare to be absurd and fun as this and hopefully “Mr. Gerbik’s Official What The Actual Fuck OH MY LOL Award” will help make that happen. Congratulations to Disaster Report 4! WTF!

I love you @Mr. Gerbik. And...



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I still haven’t picked up SoR4 but I’ve seen a lot of gameplay, and they’ve absolutely nailed the techno/house/electro vibe that made the older games so memorable. I need to get around to this.


And yeah, VII’s reworked and new tunes are awesome. Smash ‘em, Rip ‘em, everything in the Honeybee Inn sequence, the reactor music... The soundtrack being pulled from YT was a bit unfortunate but it’s worth picking up if you enjoy the tunes. :) 

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Ah man, I love Paradise Killer's soundtrack so, so much. I mean, it helps that I like vaporwave (and even unironically love the genre of city pop that informs it), but still, it's an incredible soundtrack, and all the work of one man. Great stuff.


Also, in the case of CP2077, while the soundscape didn't impress me as much as it did others, I will say that the licensed music selection was excellent. Picking a soundtrack for a game set half a century on the future can't be easy, but the sound director did a good job here. Aside from the fantastic jazz radio station, I was very pleased to stumble upon what appears to have been a case of CDPR paying [one half of] Let's Eat Grandma to make a song for the game. Hey, maybe all that crunch was justified after all!


The song in question, so people can continue to marvel at my excellent taste in all things:



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42 minutes ago, Hylian said:

Suggestion: play TLOU2 over the next few days. It's even on sale! 


This is a lovely idea, but I don't think it will come up again. I'm sure we'll be fine.

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58 minutes ago, Hylian said:

Suggestion: play TLOU2 over the next few days.


Sadly, all of us have too much respect for our own time to not play sequels to bad games.


(actually, that's a lie - I have no such qualms, I just refuse to give Naughty Dog any of my money, and don't care enough about the game to go out of my way and pick up a second-hand copy)

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1 hour ago, Wiper said:

Good taste! I'd recommend giving their album I'm All Ears a go, if you haven't already.

I'd never heard of them until last night when I hunted down that specific track, it was top of my list to find. I'll give that a listen. :hat:

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10 minutes ago, Benny said:

 One of the things I like about the awards is seeing what else people like that I haven't played yet, and I'm sure it's true for others.


Completely that Benny!


And serendipitously this is exactly the kind of thing we have in our next Alternative Award. A game I literally hadn't even heard of until we launched the voting thread.


Calling @Treble!  Would you please do the honours?

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28 minutes ago, Unofficial Who said:


Is this because of crunch? I remember seeing an interview with Amy Hennig where she regretted the amount of crunch that happened while she was there.


Yeah, they're one of the studios on my "do not buy" list for that reason.


Similarly, I didn't anticipate playing Cyberpunk because I didn't want to give CDPR any money, but ended up being given it as a surprise birthday present.

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P5R was robbed! (Probably not for the first time in these awards either...)


Kidding aside, some very deserving entries in there - even without my predictable FFVII love, I think that Hades, Ghosts and SoR4 are particularly striking.

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51 minutes ago, Jamie John said:

I'm surprised that Death Stranding didn't make the cut for best visuals - running on a sufficiently-spec'd PC, the landscapes, especially, are uncannily life-like.


Anyway, enjoying these posts @Jolly!

Not enough people hung around for the PC version, I expect. 


If it helps, I put it as my number 2 choice in visual design :)



V2. Death Stranding - making monochrome beautiful again


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