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Best names for games

Triple A

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Good ol’ Tomato Adventure. There was a guy on an old forum I was a member of who was mad about it and reckoned it the best thing ever. We didn’t believe him.


Turns out it was done by AlphaDream just prior to them doing the first Mario and Luigi so he could very well have been right.

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On 27/12/2020 at 19:56, Uncle Nasty said:


Yeah really good call on these. They're really cinematic and mysterious names. Can we have remakes of all of these please actually? Even back then, Fractalus was more of a game than No Man's Sky will ever be. All that tech, wasted.


Just seen this. There is a full on remake of RoF. If you go look in the Zapped to the Past thread in retro, @Unofficial Wholinked to it. 

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15 hours ago, Darwock said:

Jeremy Corbyn’s favourite game, now with added nonsensical subtitle:



Is this meant to be a joke about how Jeremy Corbyn likes beating Jews?


Hopefully that's meant to be an intentional joke about how he was tarred as an antisemite?


Sorry, it can be tricky to tell tone in text, even more so these days...

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2 hours ago, b00dles said:

Is this meant to be a joke about how Jeremy Corbyn likes beating Jews?





I mean, yes, that is the joke. Couldn’t really be unintentional unless he actually has been roughing up Jewish people and I just didn’t know about it


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