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Best names for games

Triple A

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1 hour ago, Triple A said:

What, does the ball climb trees or something then?


No, but it rolls along very very thin branches high above the ground until... oh bloody buggering hell it's fallen off again curse this goddamn unfair game arghhhh oh okay just one more go.

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  • 7 months later...

I've always thought R-Type is just about the perfect name. So metal. 


Parodius is genius (see what I did there?) being an incredibly niche - but satisfying - pun. 


I also agree with whomever said Mass Effect. Both that and Halo hit that exciting sci-fi note that resonates like a gong being struck. 

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53 minutes ago, shirubagan said:

You’re right. I am ashamed. 


After Burnerorizer

Shining Forceorizer

Crazy Taxiorizer

Hang Onorizer

Street Fighter Alpha IIorizer


Oh, and:


Burning Rangersorizer

Panzer Dragoon


thunderbladorizer, early in da mornin'

thunderbladorizer, breaking of de dawnin'


spreading all the sunshine all aroun'

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Streets of Rage has always sounded badass. 


Garou: Mark of the Wolves and Metal Slug sound awesome but mean nothing to non gamers 


So Splatterhouse is the best then. It sounds like awesome schlock and it is. It's a house full of monsters you smash up. Unlike House of the Dead they are all set in a house too :P

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