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Games you'd back yourself at.

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A cousin to the games you're good/bad at - if you had to back yourself in a two-player videogame, against anyone, where would your money go?


To this day I'd feel plenty confident taking on anybody at Amiga Kick Off 2. If I could turn back the clock kid me would step up to any Yie Ar Kung Fu cabinet, but I guess that would have to be a score attack deal.

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Online gaming killed any notions I had of being good.


Though back in the days of CVG publishing mailed in times I did have the quickest time trial for the opening course of Wave Race for several months, the waves were programmed and not random and I had it rinsed I believe - though am sure if that game was online I’d probably have not been ranked.

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Pes 4 to 6. I was one of the best players in the world. Was top 5 for most of my time on the first 360 game. 


Worms Armeggedon - was No1 rank for a good 8 months before I stopped playing. 


NFS Most Wanted - Had numerous world records. 


BF Bad Company 2 (360) - Played this solidly for over a year with a bunch of really great players and nearly always came top 3 on leader board and had a 15-1 win/loss record. 


BF1 - 75% win rate, really high score per minute in the top 0.5%. 


Street Fighter 2/Turbo- Only fighting game I feel I mastered. Only fighting game I ever got into, only fighting game I consider playing. 


Outrun 2 Coast to Coast - Ranked top 10 for every course variation. 





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An obscure one, but I was world number one for an afternoon on something called Pac Man S on Facebook. Sadly they kept patching and tewaking the gameplay and then (I think) it went pay to win before disappearing altogether.  There was an iPad version that wasn't the same, and I think that no-longer works too.


Predating Pac Man Championship Edition but introducing the idea of a time limited score challenge, I got totally obsessed with it, absolutely rinsing it.  My record for CE was World Ranked 66th, but that afternoon of playing and playing S and being the best in the world at something is a hell of a memory and even though someone beat me somewhere (and the scores all reset when they made patches and continued to ruin it with every alteration), I still like to think I was the worlds best at something.

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41 minutes ago, Vespa Alex said:

Geometry Wars 3.  For a while I had 2 global leaderboard top spots and a few top ten places. 

Robocop Arcade. I can clear that on a single credit and like @Stoppy2000 said, that gets a small crowd gathering. 

Outrun 2 or 2SP. Straightforward to get to the hardest end point. 


i would love a shiny 4k update of Geo Wars 3 

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I would have said I’m pretty nifty at Tetris and just hit the top 10 on score attack of Tetris Effect Connected. However, I’ve played so much and seen so many actual top players playing that I am under no illusions of my actual skill level. 

I was once playing a level of Bangaio HD on the 360 and could not beat my own score/time. Was pretty annoyed and checked the online scoreboard where I was ranked 2 in the world for that level. “Ok that makes sense” I thought. But only about 15 people were playing it so it’s less about my glorious level of skill and more about finding a niche.

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