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Your game of the year, not released this year - 2020 edition

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I assume late-to-the-party games, rather than old games I never stopped playing (hello, Splatoon 2!)?


Definitely getting into indie games' Switch releases. 

Obra Dinn was high on my list - had to binge it through to completion in a few sessions. A really excellent game made from minimal interaction supporting a unique vision.


A short hike was a charming diversion.

Not sure when I started playing Slay the Spire; think it might be last year, now - yeah, but late; I only did my first heart run in January, so that gets an honorary mention. 

Hades has been my equivalent this year; a rogue-like with a twist released on Switch.


The most conventional has been Assassin's Creed Odyssey; typical AAA Ubi fare; enjoyable while it lasted. Not a patch on playing God of War or Horizon: Zero Dawn the previous year.




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20 minutes ago, gospvg said:

[Slay the Spire]

This is currently on sale on the PSN store, does your character develop even with failed attempts thus making subsequent attempts easier?

Just buy it, already. It's a fantastic game. Consumed hundreds of hours of my time.


Your character develops up to a point in the early stages, as you earn victory points to unlock more cards, relics and potions. But there's a fixed set of unlocks anyway, and there's no guarantee you'll be offered these in each game.


Your character doesn't really get stronger, you just get more options, and more opportunities for card, relic and potion synergy.


You get stronger - in that you spot new ways in which cards interact to give you winning strategies.


Basically, your character (chosen out of 3 or 4 available) and starting hand is identical at the start of every run. You get one choice of starting 'boon', with a random result (lose max health to get a random rare relic, or swap your starting relic for a random boss relic). You get to see the map of room types in advance (regular encounters, elite encounters, shops, rest stops, random story events) to plan your route. Win a battle and you can choose a card to add to you deck. Two floor-boss levels to the final boss; and past that boss...? A mysterious door...


The skill? Building your deck as you go without bloating it. But the bastards have balanced this to perfection.

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4 hours ago, Opinionated Ham Scarecrow said:

Generation Zero.


I played this in February this year and absolutely fell in love with it. This won't be for everyone though. It's a slow burn and a very empty world, but for me that all just added to the creepy charm of this beautiful and desolate Swedish archipelago.


It's clearly been a labour of love for Avalanche. They have really listened to players and the game has been improved tenfold since its rather rough launch. It's also had some pretty decent dlc. 


It is one damned beautiful game to boot. If it had been released this year there is no doubt it would have made my list.






I'm tempted to pick this up as its very cheap. But see its only 30fps on consoles. 



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Great thread. I was going to start something similar but didn't want it to interfere with the GOTY one. I only played a couple of games released this year and they weren't much cop.


Otherwise this has been a truly astounding year of gaming for me. The standout game was Cuphead which instantly went into my top ten of all time. There were also a couple more that are not far off.




Literally got RSI playing this so much. I died a lot but I never felt pissed off; just wanted to get back on the horse and do it all again. Pure distilled gaming at its best.


Days Gone


It takes a good few hours to get going but I loved spending time with these characters. The hordes were bloody brilliant and cruising around on the motorbike in a post apocalyptic world never got old. I actually finished it before covid became a thing but I may go back to do it all again.


Dead Cells


I love a good Roguelike and this has to be my favourite. Crisp, precise combat helps with the inevitable repetition - when combat is this good it doesn't ever feel repetitive - and the boss fights are epic. Lovely touches, lore and weapons/devices keep things fresh. The developer keeps adding free DLC too which means I'm going to be addicted all over again.




On one level this is a bit lazy with some of the side-quests feeling bloaty and tagged on, but much like Dead Cells I enjoyed the combat so much that it didn't matter. It's only the second game I've ever Platinumed (the othe being Astrobot) which says a lot. It just had enthusiasm and energy in abundance and was a great lockdown treat.


Population: One


I've had to take a break from this for a couple of weeks because it was taking over my life for a while. Although to be fair I've had a lot of hours to kill recently with a 9 month layoff from work. Anyway, for a while the Oculus 2 headset was on my face for 6 hours a day playing nothing but this. I even had the new sensation of other players befriending me because my kill count was so high, albeit only due to the hours spent on the thing. I'm actually slightly scared to go back to it.


Honourable mentions:


Journey to the Savage Planet


NFS: Payback




Slay the Spire




Death Stranding





Arizona Sunshine


Red Dead Redemption 2

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Probably A Plague Tale : innocence for me - had mostly isg bored because it was a bit rough on my original Xbox but played on the series x and it was an entertaining and well told story with an interesting cast of characters. 
Looks lovely in places as well. 

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Oh, yeah, Spider-Man was my other AAA game bought late, this year. Hugely enjoyable, and I'm pretty sure I'll pick up Mikes Morales in the New Year. That city traversal...:wub:


Still have Ghost of Tsushima and Last of Us 2 to play first.

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2 hours ago, gospvg said:


I enjoy walking simulator games, how bad is the janky? Is the tale voice-acted or text? From some gameplay it looks like a university project but I do like the space setting.




It's not too janky - more you can see that there was a distinctly limited budget for it. There's a few times where the graphic engine doesn't quite work how it supposed to, and forces a bit of a restart, but it's not bad really. Honestly can't remember how much of it was voiced or not though. It's just that the story it tells I found really pretty interesting and despite the relative simplicity, the visuals work rather well to give everything an otherworldly appeal! If you can find it at a low price (or wait until it pops up free somewhere - which is how I got it), then I'd certainly give it a go.



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Played a good few games from previous years, but (discounting revisits - special mentions to Day of the Tentacle, Hollow Knight and Phantasy Star III :wub: ), only one really stuck with me. Word of warning: it's a bit old:


Battle Mania 2




The Mega Drive was no stranger to great shooters; games like Air Buster, the Thunderforces, MUSHA [Aleste] lend it a solid reputation among shmup fans, and with good reason. Many of its games never made it outside of Japan, and sold in low enough numbers that they're prohibitively expensive to acquire; the aforementioned MUSHA and Gleylancer are probably the most infamous of that group, but Battle Mania 2 is another game that falls afoul of this problem.


And, frankly, that's an awful shame. MUSHA and Gleylancer are extremely well-regarded in the genre, but for a mediocre player like me the high barrier to entry isn't just their price, it extends to their challenge level too. By contrast, Battle Mania 2, as I found out, is a wonderfully friendly, charming little shooter, packed with character and utterly engaging.


A fun blend of vertical and horizontal shooter, the combat centres on managing your own character and the pseudo-Option that is your partner to handle the endless waves of enemies and the absurd bosses that you'll face. It's a busy little shooter, with big sprites and constant action, but it has fun with that messiness, always feeling more fun than stressful - filled with activity and explosions, but not so busy that it becomes unmanageable, that you need to use rote pattern learning to scrape through each section - and it turns out that that's exactly what I want from a shmup.


Obviously, others' mileage will definitely vary, but if you fancy a hectic but breezy shooter I strongly recommend searching out a ROM and patching it into English; finding out just how much I enjoyed this game was a (rare, in 2020) very pleasant suprrise!

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Slay the Spire for me... picked it up Feb time (on the Switch) after all the rave reviews in last years GOTY and sort of enjoyed it, but found it quite hard and it quickly slipped out of my consciousness. Some point in lockdown I picked it up again, some bored Saturday morning in bed waiting for the missus to wake up I think. And it massively clicked, and I actually completed a run.


Then I got a new PC in autumn, and it came with GamePass, and it just felt more natural there - mouse control was more fluid, looked great on the big screen. And I've probably chucked about 50 more hours in to it. Managed to get through the first few ascension levels on a couple of the characters and it's now my go-to game if I've got a spare hour, or nothing else is really floating my gaming boat. It's going to sit there getting played regularly for years I reckon.


It's a brilliant brilliant game.

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7 hours ago, Qazimod said:

Hmm, I think it would have to be Final Fantasy VI (III) (1994) :blush:




I missed out on the SNES growing up and to be honest I was never hugely into RPGs either - when I first started getting into emulation I had a few attempts at playing this, but I wasn’t too keen on the random battles and so I always abandoned it. When I got the SNES Classic Mini, I had a slightly more determined attempt at getting through this, but I only made it to the floating continent - I was so underpowered that I couldn’t even make it back to the airship, and so I gave up (in hindsight I may have had one of the items or spells that warps you back to town and I just never checked...)


This year I picked up an RS97 handheld and eventually decided to take another shot at the game. I rotated saves to prevent cornering myself, I made more use of Blitz techniques for the early battles, and I used Warp to get out of dodge. And it was a much smoother experience. I confess that I got lucky in my playthrough - I ended up getting a rare “economizer” drop that reduced a character’s spell cost to 1MP (cheap Ultimas all day) - and that worked well with the Gem Box (perform two actions in one turn). However, it was still an engrossing journey - the music remains awesome and the characters are all likeable enough. Having played it now, I’m only disappointed that modern releases don’t seem to be that great - I’d definitely pay money if this had a Steam release that was more like the SNES original and not the weird thing that’s actually on Steam. :P 

EDIT: another note about Warp though: I kept using it when I was too scared to make progress in Kefka’s Tower, and that dungeon is so huge that it was always a hell of a trek just to get back to where I was... :doh: 


I immediately pos’d this post on sight since FFVI is also my favourite older game that I played this year :hat: 


Now to actually read the post...

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Pfft, far too many high brow games here :lol: 


Need For Speed: Payback - went from mocking it's terrible story, characters and voice acting to getting sucked in by the world and fantastic handling model and eventually doing every challenge trophy and picking up ever busywork collectable on offer. ten on ten

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7 hours ago, gospvg said:

Great selection TAR I have both of these to enjoy at some point next year.


Honestly get them played before things like Slay the Spire. Both The Outer Wilds and Return of the Obra Dinn have a sensible playlength with definitive endings, and effortlessly will consume your dreams and waking thoughts. There is nothing else like them.

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I tend to stick to shorter games that I can dip in and out of, as uninterruped gaming time is very rare. It's quite telling that I put Wreckfest as my Number 1 with over 60 hours played this year (and unheard of amount of time for me to play a game), everything about this game just feels right. 


#1. Wreckfest (PC)

Racing perfection, really. AI is fast, unpredictable, almost human, and the driving feels sublime. I really didn't expect to enjoy this so much, otherwise I would have bought it much sooner. 


#2. Black Mesa (PC)

I've been playing Half-Life games since the original, but never actually completed one until this one - I always got stuck into Counter-Strike instead. They've now released the Definitive Edition, which is incompatible with my game save, but I'm quite happy to go in and play this one again from the beginning. Why do these games feel so great? 


#3. Titanfall 2 (PS4)

Absolutely sublime, I pushed myself to complete the single player in the same year I started (it's really rare, honestly) and a couple of moments felt a little tortuous, but overall a fantastic experience. I will re-play this on PC at some point. If I had more time, I know I would love the multiplayer (I spent many hours in MW/MW2 Multiplayer on Xbox 360) but it's not practical right now. 


#4. Moss (PS4 VR)

I haven't finished it yet, but this game gave me the 'wow' moment with VR and I will revisit it when time allows. I've purchased a bunch more PS VR games based on my experience with this one, but uninterrupted time is a rarity. 


#5. Hotline Miami (Switch)

Well, it's just great fun isn't it? I hesitated going into it as the premise put me off, but it's somewhat like the original Grand Theft Auto, in a way, and by god was it fun. I've got Hotline Miami 2 ready to go! Did I mention fun? 


Honourable Mentions:

Steamworld Dig 2 (Switch) - A great relaxation game, really enjoyed working my way through this, easy to pick up and put down. It's led me to try out all the other Steamworld games, and I'll definitely revisit this one. 

Lonely Mountains: Downhill (PC) - I'm not sure why I ended up downloading this from Game Pass, but it's really enjoyable and relaxing, if, at times, rather tough. I tried the Switch version as I thought it'd be great to have on the move, but the downgrade in graphics and twitchier controls reduced the fun somewhat. 

Garry's Mod (PC) - More of a sandbox than a game, but my son loves it and I've spent many many hours playing it with him. It's quite incredible what you can do with it, even if I do struggle to get to grips with some of the abilities, and addon conflicts can be a pain. 

Just Cause 3 (PC) - I had a 5 year gap between playing this, and it's one of the reasons I upgraded my PC this year - the CPU requirements are ridiculous. It is however jolly good fun. I lost track of the story somewhat and tend to fly around, liberate towns, and blow lots of things up. 

Driveclub (PS4) - Another game I dip in and out of, I didn't play multiplayer much when it was online, and now I've started to really get in to the single player I really wish the servers WERE back online (seriously Sony, it's not THAT old). An enjoyable racing experience, sublime graphics, quick loading times, I always end up with a smile on my face after a race.

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Had a little run on visual novels at the start of Lockdown 1 and thoroughly enjoyed both 428 Shibuya Scramble and Zero Time Dilemma even if the subject matter in them was a little...unfortunate given what was going on in the world. Zero Time Dilemma suffered a little in comparison to Virtue's Last Reward but still had enough ideas of its own to make it well worth my time, even if it was light on the KERBLAMMOs. 428 was proper brilliant though, one of my favourites in the genre now; funny, tense, surprising and a well-balanced level of interaction with the story that meant neither the gameplay nor the narrative ever held the other up which can occasionally happen in the genre.


Runner up goes to Psyvariar Delta an eye-searing assault on the senses brilliantly pitched at about fifteen minutes long making it a perfect score chasing game. Made even better with the flipgrip on the Switch.


But my Game-Not-of-the-Year goes to Halo: Reach. I'd previously played Halos 1 through 3 but literally hadn't touched the series for about 10 years. Decided to have a little look at this on the Series S and then barely played anything else. Not a massive fan of the space drama if I'm honest but the moment-to-moment play is absolutely outstanding. The difficult (on heroic at least) was spot on; never frustrating, always challenging. I enjoyed it so much that as soon as I finished I started another Halo campaign and I basically never do this. I'm now well on my way to becoming one of those guys that's weirdly aggressive about how into the series they are.

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GT Sport. There’s a very active thread on here and us and friends all race every Monday evening. A great mix of mostly Brits and Dutchies and most weeks we get enough for 2 lobbies. 
 Through this year more than ever it’s been a lifeline to the outside world and something to look forward to every week.

The constant content updates we were getting have dried up this year but the online races saw a resurgence this year so it’s been great to keep racing as we wait for GT7.

Wandersong really fun to play, really funny and touching. Lovely game.

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BotW is an obvious one, still just wandering around exploring.


Gris & Gorogoa - Both beautiful and can't wait until i've forgotten enough about them to replay.


Divinity Original Sin 2 - Replaying the Definitive edition, love the variety of character building options.


Banner Saga - Don't think i've ever played a game that has nailed 'bleak' as much as this, and the strength/attack system is a nice variant on typical turn based comabt.


After building an arcade machine while on furlough both Dodonpachi (which has already been mentioned) and Dr. Mario (in 2 player) have been great fun this year.

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Ace Combat 7 - really enjoyed this, haven't played a dog fighting game since Deadly Skies on the Dreamcast, so it's fair to say this is a bit of a step up from that one. The presentation is excellent, lovely smooth gameplay, there's a good variety of missions, and the music is outstanding. Definitely recommended and pretty cheap now. 

Days Gone - Probably the worst opening hours of any big budget game I've ever played -  you and your bike are extremely under-powered to the point of the game being an absolute chore - but man if you can get through those first 3 hours or so you'll be rewarded with an extremely compulsive and enjoyable open world experience. Razzing through the forests on your dirtbike is always a pleasure and the hordes are something else. An extremely challenging, uh, challenge mode that demands competent strategy as well as an itchy trigger finger, that's free, is the icing on the cake. Even better it runs at 4K 60fps on PS5 and looks absolutely outstanding. Get it.


Team Sonic Racing - put this off for a long time as I was convinced it would be shit and a shadow (sorry) of the Transformed game but honestly I should have trusted Sumo, it's a very well made kart racer. The team mechanics are implemented well , the stages are true Sega blue skies and the music is amazing! Drifting round a sandopolis themed zone with a killer remix of the Mega Drive music had me grinning from ear to ear. Once you get passed the first couple of adventure screens which are a cakewalk even on hard, the game really starts to become challenging and much more engaging to boot. You can play races as standard with no team mechanics which no one told me either and I guess it's a testament to the team mechanics that I actually missed them. The true pull of this game is the mission modes that form part of the adventure mode, and the time trials. To get platinum on these challenges is typical sumo - fucking solid - and and will put all your drifting skill to the absolute limit. Honestly if you've been pining for a good drift experience you could do a lot worse. 


Wreckfest - Similar to the above it starts out slow and dare I say it a bit dull for a demolition-focused game but once you start getting the faster motors a lot of fun to be had. The driving model is very weighty and feels really good, sometimes at odds with itself as you'll have events with combine harvesters which sounds amazing on paper but they are just extremely heavy, slow and dull events in practice. However it never takes itself too seriously and outside of the novelty events there's a good variety of tracks and racing styles. I never played it on PS4 where i heard the load times were a bit of a pain but on PS5 the loading times were no problem at all. I finished the career mode which is rare for me in racing games, clocked up about 17 hours or so. Wreckommended  (sorry)


Virtua Fighter 3TB - Played this more in 2020 than the previous 21 years combined and still can't get that elusive top rank in arcade mode. Rank 3 though, so getting there. A really overlooked gem from when Soul Calibur was busy melting our eyeballs and hearts. 

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I have a few contenders for this:



This is a game I didn't really appreciate until after I'd finished the main quest. I was honestly finding it a bit of a slog, but after going to back to mop up side quests I found myself absolutely loving it. I've dabbled with the PC version since, and I'll definitely be replaying it at some point.


Disco Elysium

Just such a unique experience, and one I hope will inspire more games in the future. I'd love to see a similarly non-combat oriented RPG in a less bleak setting.



Speaking of bleak settings, this was possibly the bleakest of them all. City builders are usually relaxing affairs you can chill out with for hours on end, but Frostpunk's main campaign was both relatively short and incredibly stressful. It started out simply enough, lulling me into a false sense of security while I made benevolent decisions to keep everyone's spirits up. Then things quickly got horrendous, forcing me into full-on fascism just to survive. I keep meaning to play through the other campaigns at some point, but I'm not sure I can take it.


Life Is Strange 2

LIS2 was a worthy successor to the original series though, managing to improve on the way your decisions impacted the game by having them influence your NPC brother. I don't think the story will stick with me quite like the original has, or spawn an ongoing comic for that matter, but it was a more impressive game.

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This year I have been mostly loving:


Hollow Knight - I was hesitant to get this after all the talk of it being rock hard, but I took the plunge and got heavily invested in exploring Hallownest, finessing my nail-swinging technique and looking at guides on the internet to see if there was a way to cheese some of the bosses (yes, there is.) It's beautiful too, both visually and aurally.


Alien Isolation - Creeping around spaceships hiding from Pointy Alan, scared the absolute shit out of me, brilliant.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 - Little chubby cross-eyed men (and women and worms) building blocky blocks with the classic DQ sense of humour. It's the only Minecrafty-type game I've played and I love it, especially collecting night soil from the toilets. One of the characters is a sentient bag of treasure who speaks in Polari, the 1950s Soho gay slang made popular by Kenneth Williams on the BBC radio comedy series Round the Horne, which is one hell of a niche mashup.


The Witcher 3 - Tossing my coins all year over this lovely box full of stories. Even on the Switch it shines.

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I was thinking about creating a thread just like this over the last couple of weeks or so but glad someone else had already done so. I’ve been pretty off with my regular updating of the completed games but this thread allows me to summarize the year.


My GOTY is a very close toss up between two titles but I’m going to go for Horizon Zero Dawn for its really engrossing story which had that Mass Effect style of theme to it especially much later on in the game.

 Initially though just the whole gameplay, cinematic, graphics and gorgeous world was enough to really make it a standout title and the enemies are great to take on. It does have its short comings which have been covered on here before but it was decent enough for me to list it. 


The other game I’d put up as a GOTY for me is Celeste. I ordered the physical copy from LRG and it took almost a year to get delivered by which time I’d just lost the hype I had when I clicked pre-order. It wasn’t long before it really grew on me and I spent a good 20 hours on the main game or so but then continued for another 50 and still have more to do. Must be a few screen from the DLC completion point but I stopped to give myself a break. It’s perfectly designed, does pixel art some real justice and has the tightest controls although I opted to swap the dash button control to L1 & R1 rather than the rear triggers as I wanted immediate clicks with no button give/play that the triggers have. It worked really well. The game theme is really well done and the music is also GOTY of all games I’ve played. In fact I’m now thinking this should be ahead of HZD by a touch only because this excels in every element and has the best music with no flaws. 


I have to say though that I’ve played a bunch of really enjoyable games which have all had a positive impact. Right at the beginning of the year I kickstarted things off with a classic Kickstarter success, Bloodstained. I think I was hoping originally to have something more true to the original pixel art style but quickly got quite used to the 2.5D look and found the game to play very fluidly. Finishing the game didn’t take too long but even so, I enjoyed it enough to continue on and get the platinum. It’s quite crazy how much has been taken from SotN which I only realised when watching a YT vid as it’s been over 20 years since I played that but there’s so much from that which has found its way into Bloodstained. Many on here have clicked with it and I definitely recommend it. 


Just over the last few months I’ve resurrected my PS2 and need to mention Forbidden Siren. This is definitely not one for everyone and takes a lot and I mean a lot of patience to get fully into it. It’s from one of the creators of the original Silent Hill and really screams SH in a lot of ways but it’s its own thing entirely and quite unique, however it can be irritating but such an atmospheric true survival horror game with very janky graphics but has cult classic hidden gem written all over it. It’s hard to follow what’s actually going on as you never play the story in a proper order and switch between about 10 characters constantly but you do get a sense of what’s going on the more you play. I’ll probably try and write up something on the games I’ve missed in games I’ve finished thread before the end of the year with more on this one. 


Blazing Chrome needs to get a mention too as another LRG I ordered a while back and took ages to arrive. It’s so authentically 90’s Contra to me that it bags the prize for the closest authentic style pixel game I’ve ever played that feels like it was made back then and not from the present. The graphics are superbly spot on but also the sound has that lofi arcade action sound to it. I haven’t played enough of it as I’ve switched consoles for a bit but will be going back. 


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Stardew Valley - I started a new farm and after 5 years or so (in-game) I'd almost completed everything (1 fish to catch, 1 relic to find, a few things to build). Then yesterday a new update was released which has added a load more stuff. So whilst I was winding down a bit, I've now got more reasons to continue.


Edit: And I've just caught that final fish, but haven't unlocked the achievement for it because a few more fish have been added with the update...


No Man's Sky on PSVR - another game I restarted this year, after having put almost 100 hours into my first attempt. I wasn't keen on the state of my universe in my first play (I'd never found any nice starships), and was wondering if the slew of updates had somehow left my universe a bit "wrong", so I deleted the save game and started afresh. This one is going so much better - I have a freighter full of starships which I'm enjoying repairing and tooling up. I can see myself being stuck in here for a long while yet - I just love pootling around seeing new places, upgrading all my kit, and slowly pushing through the various quests etc. One thing I found with my replay is that I went straight for cobalt-crashing the markets ASAP to get myself filthy rich, and I found that made the game more fun for me. It just took away that one restriction that seemed too many, and freed me up to get on with mooching around the universe without fear of missing out on opportunities when they arose.

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Definitely Hitman 2, except really Hitman 1. It was extremely generous of the makers to give away the first game for free in the past and then also make everything available in the second. Aside from a few elusive targets, I haven't even touched any of the sequel's levels yet as I'm still focused on the first couple of levels of number one. Who can blame me for taking so long. Masses of challenges, dozens of ways to approach a target; it feels great to conquer a map and work out a whole no-disguise, silent assassin route each time. It looks gorgeous, too, and packs so much detail in. I'd better get a move on before Hitman 3 comes out, although I get the feeling I'll be playing 1 and 2 in that game pretty soon instead.


Honorary shout out to Subnautica, which proved that I do like survival games when there's a story attached. I know the constant hunger and thirst divided some people on here, but I liked the challenge and the satisfaction of breaking free of that limited cycle as you progress in your exploration. Like Hitman, it also looks gorgeous, albeit in a wet, alien way, naturally.

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Oh to round out my top 5, I actually really loved Mass Effect Andromeda.


My expectations were pretty low but it's a genuinely fun game; it has the usual Bioware jank and honestly they could have been a little more imaginative with the new characters and settings but as someone who enjoys the exploration, story and generally being a space dickhead (fuck you, Director Tann!) it definitely delivers. 


It would be a real shame if EA don't make a sequel in this universe, there are some good foundations here.

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11 hours ago, James Lyon said:

Definitely Hitman 2, except really Hitman 1. It was extremely generous of the makers to give away the first game for free in the past and then also make everything available in the second. Aside from a few elusive targets, I haven't even touched any of the sequel's levels yet as I'm still focused on the first couple of levels of number one. Who can blame me for taking so long. Masses of challenges, dozens of ways to approach a target; it feels great to conquer a map and work out a whole no-disguise, silent assassin route each time. It looks gorgeous, too, and packs so much detail in. I'd better get a move on before Hitman 3 comes out, although I get the feeling I'll be playing 1 and 2 in that game pretty soon instead.


Going to be amazing to play all levels from Hitman and Hitman 2 in the Hitman 3 engine on my Series X. 

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